Explosive Ordnance Disposal – Armtrac Roller System

Explosive Ordnance Disposal – Armtrac Roller System

Explosive Ordnance Disposal - What we have available

At Armtrac we have a range of explosive ordnance disposal equipment for your needs including the Roller system which is designed to protect vehicles from the effects of victim operated devices during Counter-IED (C-IED) operations.

What is the intended use of the Roller system?

When there is a possibility rather than a probability that there will be a victim operated device on the route.

What are the features of the Roller System?

  • Full width device using two wheel banks each comprising of 7 rollers.
  • Each roller is made from a polyurethane composite which is puncture proof.
  • Has a steering system that can move the roller left or right allowing it to move through corners.
  • The linkage arrangement allows each roller wheel to navigate over rough terrain.
  • In the event of an explosive event, the complete roller bank moves away from the main frame, this is so it can easily be replaced.

What are the specifications of the Roller System with an Armtrac vehicle?

Weight - 2,000kg
Total weight with vehicle - 4,200kg
Full width clearance - 3.59m
Average force per roller - 300kg
Operating speed range - 0-50 KPH

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