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Demining Equipment: Armtrac Limited is a privately owned explosive ordnance disposal company that manufactures demining equipment.

Fully Comprehensive Support comes with our Demining Machines

Demining Machines Support At Armtrac, we understand that customer service is the most important element of any business, and that is why providing good customer service and support sits at the heart of everything that we do. We understand that because of the nature of the job in hand, you need to have a very…
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Demining Equipment to clear an Intended Route

Demining Equipment Demining equipment is needed when areas of former conflict have to be cleared to bring it back into safety and use, whether that is for access, building projects or for agricultural use. However, it is also used in on-going conflict zones to maintain usable logistic routes. Minesweeping is usually carried out through thoroughly…
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How Unmanned Bomb Disposal is Saving Lives

One of the biggest problems with explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) is the risk to the lives of the people carrying out the disposal operation.  Many heroic people have died over the years trying to make areas safe and reduce the risk to others.  But the development of technology and improved unmanned explosive ordnance disposal robots…
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What Maintenance and Training is Needed for Demining Equipment?

When you operate a demining service, the equipment that you use is of utmost importance.  But what kind of training and ongoing maintenance is required for this type of equipment?  And how can Armtrac Ltd help you with it? The initial purchase When you make an initial purchase of demining equipment from Armtrac, all equipment…
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