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Armtrac Limited is a privately owned explosive ordnance disposal company that manufactures demining equipment.

Demining, Demining Machines And Why They Are Important

FACTS ABOUT MINES: One person is injured by a landmine every twenty minutes in Africa. Four children under the age of sixteen die every day In Afghanistan. In Angola, buried landmines cover an area 420,000 square kilometres, which is bigger than Japan. The first land mine usage is recorded in 1277 when the Chinese detonated…
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Demining Robots

Demining Robots, Landmine Clearing Equipment and more... If you're looking for demining robots to fulfill your demining operation needs then you've come to the right place. At Armtrac we have a range of landmine clearing equipment including demining robots to suit your requirements. Why choose us? Something unique about our company is that we have…
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Landmine Clearance Equipment

Armtrac's range of landmine clearance equipment Amtrac Strimmer The Armtrac Strimmer has a bespoke design which allows it to reach difficult areas that even some of our other machines can’t get to. As with our other machinery, the Strimmer is armoured so that it is able to withstand the blast from an unplanned anti-tank mine…
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Armtrac Completes Nigerian Order For Demining Machines

Nigeria is currently facing an unprecedented threat from terrorism. Communal attacks led by Boko Haram have left thousands dead and has heightened the threat of landmines and IEDs being laid within its borders. In the wake of this increasing threat, the Nigerian Army has recently procured three Armtrac 400 demining machines with high speed flails…
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