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Armtrac Limited is a privately owned explosive ordnance disposal company. We manufacture mine clearing roller systems and tanks in the UK.

The Benefits And Uses Of A Mine Roller

What is a Mine Roller? A mine roller is a device that is attached to either a tank or an armoured vehicle with the aim of scoping an area or route to provide a level of confidence that no victim activated explosive ordnance including land mines are present. Mine rollers have several heavy wheels and…
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Mine Roller for UXO Disposal

Mechanical demining is an integral component of humanitarian mine action. At Armtrac that’s exactly what we believe and also exactly what we design and manufacture too. Mechanical Demining Equipment. What kinds of mechanical Demining Equipment are there? There are many different types of mechanical Demining Equipment available, but in this article we will focus our…
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How Armtrac Ltd Helps In the Disposal of Landmines

Why use landmine clearing equipment? Let's look at the bigger picture. What Is A Landmine? A landmine is an explosive device which is emplaced either on the surface or just underneath the surface of the ground to kill, destroy, or incapacitate enemy personnel and/or equipment. It is typically triggered when pressure is applied to it by…
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Mine Roller – A Historic Journey

The Mine Roller has evolved since its original inception into a mine rolling system that is sophisticated and safe to use. Towards the end of the First World War, the British Army started experimenting with Tank Bridges and Mine Rollers in an attempt to ensure safe passage for their tanks. In 1918, there were three…
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