What Makes Us Unique

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company

What Makes Us Unique

Armtrac Limited is a privately owned explosive ordnance disposal company, based in Cambridgeshire in Eastern England, which designs and manufactures the Armtrac range of armoured mechanical demining machines to operate in areas contaminated by landmines and other unexploded explosive ordnance and to provide a means of Technical Survey in Land Release Operations.

Stephen Brown, the founder and Managing Director of Armtrac Limited has been involved in the design, manufacture and operation of mine clearing machines for over 20 years, and has overseen successful mine and UXO clearing operations in many different parts of the world. Stephen Brown has worked alongside the Mechanical Mine Action Committee of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

Our engineering team has many years experience of manufacturing and using mine clearance machines and the company has an on-going research and development programme.

Armtrac machines have been or are being supplied for use in the US Army, Albania, Angola, Bosnia, Chad, Croatia, Egypt, French Army, Falkland Islands, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nigerian Army, Sudan, and for clearance of Ministry of Defence firing ranges in the United Kingdom.

The Armtrac range of equipment offers the complete land and route mechanical toolbox for both clearance and technical survey of unexploded ordnance.

  • Mission Statement To manufacture quality, trusted, safe and value for money mechanical equipment for the clearance of landmines and UXO.
  • Quality Management in Armtrac Armtrac brings a comprehensive approach to managing quality in the design, manufacture, sale and support of its range of mine action machines. Our aim is to provide the right equipment, doing the right tasks for the right price to satisfy the demands of operators, field programmes, head offices, donors, international agencies and government departments.
  • Auditing and Reviews Armtrac carries out audits of its quality system and conducts reviews to identify ways to ensure that the system is working efficiently and effectively.
  • Customer Feedback Armtrac values feedback from customers about our machines and the service and support we provide. If you have feedback for us, good or bad, please let us know at sales@armtrac.net .
  • Identification and Traceability Every machine we produce and all the main components within it are uniquely identified and tracked within our systems.
  • Training In addition to their own direct professional training and qualifications, all our staff are trained in the Armtrac quality system and their responsibilities within it.
  • Selling Point (USP) Armtrac offers the ability to mount a variety of demining, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Engineering/Construction Toolkits to the same platform creating better value for money.
  • Design and Manufacture All Armtrac machines are subject to a rigorous programme of test and inspection during their manufacture to ensure that every component, element and final unit leaves the factory meeting our own high standards.
  • Non-Conformances There will be occasions where something doesn't work out right. Armtrac cares about quality in all aspects of its operations and uses a formal non-conformance system to respond to any problem, identifying the appropriate corrective action to address the immediate situation and then defining preventative action to stop the same problem occurring again.
  • Continuous Improvement Armtrac is always looking for ways to improve the service we provide and the equipment which we manufacture. We draw on our own audits and reviews to identify areas where we can make a difference as well as the feedback we receive from our customers.
  • Suppliers Armtrac runs a supplier assessment system for all its suppliers ensuring that they provide the components, parts and services that we need to the same high standards that Armtrac wants to offer to its customers. If you would like to be a supplier to Armtrac contact us at sales@armtrac.net.
  • hire demining equipmentHire/Lease Demining Machines This is an option if you come to Armtrac for mechanical equipment for Technical Survey, Vegetation Cutting or to clear landmines and IEDs.  You can hire/lease a remote controlled A20T on a calendar day rate for a minimum period rather than purchasing it.  Equipment will require a refundable deposit reimbursed on return to Armtrac. Ring now to find out more. +44 (0) 1638 743979/+44 (0) 7885 816789 or or e-mail sales@armtrac.net.