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Sad though it is as a statement, but as of June 2016 there were only 10 nations around the world that had no involvement in armed conflict, either within their own borders or that of another, which is why demining is so important.


Frequently Asked Questions

As we are in the demining business, we have received many different questions over the years. What is it? Why is it necessary? How we can help and so on.

What is demining?

Demining is the process of removing and disarming active landmines that have been placed on or have been buried beneath the ground.

Why is it necessary?

Landmines are still scattered throughout the world, and the devastating effects of it can be seen with the casualties in the North East Nigerian conflict. Zimbabwe also has a common sight with signs stating "beware of the landmines" as these have been left over from the 1970s Liberation War. Ukraine ranks third in the world for mine-related casualties, behind Afghanistan and Syria. (BBC)

How the Demining Process Works with Landmines?

Landmines are a huge problem in many areas of the world. There are thought to be tens of millions of landmines hidden beneath the ground, which are a lethal legacy from past wars and conflicts and are now potentially liable to catch the unwary and cause crippling injuries or death. Read More

How has technology changed mine clearance techniques?

The concept has been around as long as the concept of creating and placing mines. When military forces first introduced landmines to the battlefield, they realised that after the conflict had ended, they would need to remove them. But how has technology changed mine clearance over the years? Read More

What Maintenance and Training is Needed?

When you operate a mine clearing service, the equipment that you use is of utmost importance. But what kind of training and ongoing maintenance is required for this type of demining equipment? And how can Armtrac Ltd help you with it? Read More

What are the Benefits of a Remote Controlled Demining Machine?

Landmines are still prevalent in today’s society and are a large cause of civilian deaths across the globe. They can be activated at any time after they have been laid, whether that is 10 minutes, or 10 years afterwards and they are still just as dangerous. Read More

Why Are Demining Machines Important?

FACTS ABOUT MINES: One person is injured by a landmine every twenty minutes in Africa. Four children under the age of sixteen die every day In Afghanistan. In Angola, buried landmines cover an area 420,000 square kilometres, which is bigger than Japan. The first land mine usage is recorded in 1277. Read More

How has the Mine Clearance Machines Changed Demining?

The process of mine clearance is one used around the world to detect and remove mines and unexploded ordnance most often buried beneath the ground. Generally, it falls into two categories – military and humanitarian demining.  Both types have benefited greatly from the development of new machine equipment. Read More

How does Armtrac help with Demining?

We help by creating remote demining equipment, sometimes referred to as demining robots. These robots can help preserve human life thanks to them being able to be remotely operated and have managed to save many lives. There are many different machines that we have available, from the unmanned Armtrac 20T Robot to the large Armtrac 400.

Demining Robots, Landmine Clearing Equipment and more...

Armtrac Ltd have a range of demining robots for you to choose from, and we’ve tried to make it easier for you decide which one is right for you by listing the features of some of our products clearly so that you can make an informed decision. If you're looking for mine clearance robots to fulfill your operation needs then you've come to the right place. At Armtrac we have a range of landmine clearing equipment including many mine clearance robots to suit your requirements. Why choose us?  Read More

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