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Demining Robots from Armtrac

If you are working in the demining industry, it’s possible that you may eventually find yourself in a high-risk environment. While this situation could be extremely challenging and dangerous, you can ensure safety and increase precaution via the technology that is available from Armtrac by using demining robots. Armtrac’s demining robots are our most popular…
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The Most Progressive Counter Explosive Ordnance Equipment by Armtrac

Armtrac, based in the UK ,are a leading and innovative company that designs and manufactures  unmanned demining vehicles, counter explosive ordnance equipment, machinery and tool kits that can clear and dispose of explosive ordnance left behind in areas of conflict The personnel carrying out these demining tasks deserve nothing less than highly advanced and state-of-the-art…
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Demining Machinery – The Ones You Need

According to UNICEF, approximately 110 million landmines are still present in 64 countries across the world. These can remain active for 50 years. Most of the time, these landmines outlive even the ones who placed them. Landmines have led to causalities, taking innocent, unsuspecting victims with it. All around the world, official, unofficial, and humanitarian demining…
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An Introduction to Minefield Clearance

Even though landmines gained prominence after their extensive use in the Second World War, they have been in existence since the 1800’s. According to historical accounts, landmines were first used in the American Civil War. However, it was only during WWII that they became one of the major weapons of the war. Since then, landmines have…
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