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What is Demining and what Demining Equipment is Available?

Demining is the name given to the process of mine clearance, which also generally covers more than just land mines. Other unexploded ordnance, devices and ammunition will still need to be carefully removed from an area of land to make it safe for use.  The process of demining and land clearance is left to experienced…
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Armtrac Counter Explosive Ordnance Products and Equipment

Armtrac design and manufacture a flexible range of unmanned demining vehicles, counter explosive ordnance machinery and tool kits that are designed to clear and dispose of explosive ordnance left behind in areas of conflict. Our range of demining equipment includes tailored solutions that allow for replacement bolt-on tool kits to be added. Our counter explosive…
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The Ongoing Need for Expert Counter Explosive Ordnance

Due to the many long-lasting and ongoing conflicts around the world, there is still a great need for expert counter explosive ordnance assistance. There is still a large threat posed by hidden explosive ordnance in all sorts of different landscapes and terrain that have experienced conflicts, and even when the conflicts have been resolved, there…
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Safe Demining by Armtrac Ltd

The UK-based demining equipment manufacturer Armtrac Ltd is no stranger to Colombia. On display at Expodefensa was the Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot which is a flexible, cost effective, remote controlled Small (Heavy) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). It can be fitted with a variety of toolkits including a demining flail or tiller and at the same…
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