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Need Help with Ammunition Disposal?

No matter how long an area of land has been left alone following a conflict, there will still be a high risk of death or injury from hidden explosive devices and abandoned munitions. Armtrac can provide a wide range of mine clearance equipment which can assist in ammunition disposal. Destroyed on site With our land…
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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment: History and Importance

What is explosive ordnance? Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment is needed to solve the problem of explosive ordnance. Explosive ordnance (EO) are items of military ammunition. They may include: Landmines Bombs Shells Grenades other improvised explosive devices (IED) and booby traps Explosive Ordnance is used by all three services (Armies, Navies and Air Forces).  Explosive…
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Demining Robots: Finding the right machine

Demining robots can be a necessity for safely clearing land from destructive devices. Without them, operatives of the equipment can place themselves in grave danger. Armtrac believes that no more lives should be lost due to a lack of access to quality demining equipment, which is why we design demining robots that make a real…
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Mine Sweeping Companies: Industry Problems, Aims & Growth

Mine sweeping companies help to detect and dispose of landmines. In a recent study entitled the “Global Mechanical Mine Clearance Systems Market”, more light was shed on the industry and how things are expected to develop in the sector. Armtrac was included in this report as one of the key market players. The study looked…
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