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An Introduction to Minefield Clearance

Even though landmines gained prominence after their extensive use in the Second World War, they have been in existence since the 1800’s. According to historical accounts, landmines were first used in the American Civil War. However, it was only during WWII that they became one of the major weapons of the war. Since then, landmines have…
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Benefits and Uses of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV’S) are vehicles that can function on the ground without the need for a human’s presence on board.  These vehicles are controlled remotely and are used to ensure there is a safe distance between the operator and the possible danger. UGVs have been used in war-torn countries, areas that are in dangerous…
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Specialised Mechanical Demining Equipment

Mechanical demining equipment and machines manufactured by Armtrac assists manual demining activities with Technical Survey and in challenging  areas and terrain particularly where full excavation techniques are required. These types of specialised equipment help in clearing the problematic areas of landmines and UXO. There are various specialised demining machinery options available from Armtrac to help…
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Safe and Effective Counter Explosive Ordnance Solutions from Armtrac

All munition devices contain explosives, and therefore pose a risk to human life and health, especially when they are hidden beneath the ground in former conflict zones. Some explosive ordnance will also contain biological or chemical agents along with explosives, so extra precautions are needed when an area of land contains these agents.  However all…
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