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Demining Machines by Armtrac

Creating our demining machines Armtrac are experts in demining machinery. Our company has been operating for over 20 years, and through this time we have found what works and made improvements along the way for the better. This has allowed us to make the machines that so many people love and trust today. Through our…
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Armtrac’s Work as a Mechanical Mine Disposal Manufacturer

The objective of a mine disposal manufacturer A mine disposal manufacturer has the key objective of creating equipment that will help to neutralise landmines and unexploded ordnance. At Armtrac we aim to design and manufacture machines that do this in a safe and effective way, with the goal of eliminating the threat of landmines. A…
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How Armtrac Has Changed Demining

Armtrac manufactures demining machines and equipment that can help clear landmines to make the land safer in areas of current or previous conflict. Our vehicles are made to be able to be operated and work in difficult environments and have proven to be effective in their mission of mine clearance. However, although there is now…
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Demining Planning and Execution

Mine clearance is a highly dangerous activity, but it is essential to undertake when there is a need to clear unexploded ordnance and safely return the land to be used. Whether the intention is to use the area to re-build homes destroyed by conflict or to provide agricultural land to help provide food to sustain…
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