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Armtrac manufacture a range of ammunition disposal equipment for mine clearance in different environments. Find out more here.

Armtrac Ammunition Disposal Machinery and Vehicles

It can come as no surprise to know that when it comes to the redevelopment of former military-owned or occupied land, or areas of land that has seen former conflict, their redevelopment comes with some risks. These areas may well have housed various weaponry, ammunition, and explosive devices used for many decades before the land…
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Need Help with Ammunition Disposal?

No matter how long an area of land has been left alone following a conflict, there will still be a high risk of death or injury from hidden explosive devices and abandoned munitions. Armtrac can provide a wide range of ammunition disposal equipment which can assist in mine clearance. Destroyed on site With our land…
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Armtrac gain our ISO 9001 accreditation for manufacture of equipment

This is the first ever issue of the Armtrac Ltd Newsletter which we intend to publish twice a year. It is intended to cover key business issues and new events to allow our existing and potential customers to keep abreast of our products and direction. Armtrac gain our ISO 9001 accreditation for manufacture of ammunition…
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