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Why Do We Still Have Problems with Unexploded Ordnance in the UK?

It is over seventy years since the Second World War ended in 1945 yet we still regularly hear stories of unexploded ordnace around the UK.  As recently as February 2018, there was an unexploded WWII bomb found near London Airport that forced its closure and measures to be taken to deal with it. So why…
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The Benefits of a Remote Controlled Demining Machine

Landmines are still prevalent in today’s society and are a large cause of civilian deaths across the globe. They can be detonated any time after they have been laid, whether that is 10 minutes, or 10 years afterwards and they are still just as dangerous, due to them being hidden they are very often not…
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Is There Better Value For Money Mehanical Equipment For The Clearance Of Explosive Ordnance?

There are many factors that influence the methodology of clearance of explosive ordnance adopted by NGOs and Commercial Demining Companies when planning land release operations. These range from topography, terrain and environment to the expected threat type, time constraints and indeed the likely funding available. In commercial operations the contract is also providing a number…
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Career Choices – The Bomb Disposal Technician For Explosive Ordnance Disposal

If you have strong nerves and the desire to help people in situations that many others cannot, then the work of a bomb disposal technician for explosive ordnance disposal may be the one job for you.  There are various paths into this career including through the military and also through law enforcement in other countries…
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