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Armtrac Limited is a privately owned unmanned ground vehicle manufacturing company, based in Cambridgeshire in Eastern England.

How Unmanned Bomb Disposal is Saving Lives

One of the biggest problems with explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) is the risk to the lives of the people carrying out the disposal operation.  Many heroic people have died over the years trying to make areas safe and reduce the risk to others.  But the development of technology and improved unmanned explosive ordnance disposal robots…
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Unmanned Ground Vehicle Manufacturer Company

Armtrac are an unmanned Ground Vehicle manufacturer company based in the UK. We manufacture a variety of unmanned ground vehicles and other bomb disposal/EOD machinery that assists in the technical survey, location and clearance of unexploded ordnance. What is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)? A UGV is a vehicle that operates on the ground without…
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Armtrac’s unmanned ground vehicle Armtrac 20T Robot

The Armtrac 20T Robot is a flexible, cost effective fully remote controlled Small (Heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The Armtrac 20T has had a very impressive 2016 with projects underway undertaken for Colombia, Kurdistan and the Falkland Islands with six being commissioned and training being completed or about to be undertaken. Why would you need…
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Order for 5 x A20T Mk2s.

Armtrac have just completed an order for 5 x Unmanned Ground Vehicle A20T Mk2s.  Four of these with flails only are destined for the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Colombia. Efforts to clear mines and IEDs in Colombia have increased following the Peace Agreement signed between the Government and FARC at the end of 2016.…
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