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Ammunition Disposal Equipment

Whilst many wars happened decades or centuries ago, we should not just view these conflicts of the past as interesting history. To the ammunition disposal teams and demining crews worldwide, the remains of these conflicts still very much exist. Every day, they go to work to find the ground ammunition buried ages ago, inspect them,…
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Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Equipment From Armtrac

Almost every region of the world has been involved in an armed conflict at some point in history. Some of these conflicts stand out in history for the huge impact they have created on the world and the high death toll associated with it. While the world has thankfully not witnessed a major war for…
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Facilitating Improvised Explosive Device Disposal – Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) pose a serious security threat worldwide, but more particularly in the regions with ongoing armed conflicts. These unconventional explosive weapons are used  against military forces and terrorist activities in civilian environments. IEDs kill and injure people and livestock every year and also cause significant infrastructure damage. The psychological impact on the…
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Unexploded Ordnance Disposal Companies

Why The World Needs UXO Disposal Companies UXOs (unexploded ordnance) are leftover explosives of conflicts that haunt us to this day. These are explosives which either failed to function as designed at the time of the conflict, have been left behind intact or they are explosive ordnance which have yet to be activated such as…
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