Unmanned Ground Vehicle Manufacturer Company

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Manufacturer Company

Armtrac are an unmanned Ground Vehicle manufacturer company based in the UK. We manufacture a variety of unmanned ground vehicles and other bomb disposal/EOD machinery that assists in the technical survey, location and clearance of unexploded ordnance.

What is an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)?

A UGV is a vehicle that operates on the ground without the presence of a human. It is remotely controlled through teleoperation, but puts a distance between the human and the danger. UGV’s are used not only in war torn Countries, but also in post conflict areas which have left Countries vulnerable and in a dangerous state, with landmines and other unexploded devices that need to be cleared or removed, making landsafe for its citizens.

A UGV can also be used not just by the military, but by any citizen who needs to perform a variety of hazardous or dangerous activities where the operator needs to be separated from a threat.  This is particularly true in sectors such as mining, fire-fighting,the nuclear and chemical industry, and potentially manufacturing where dangerous practices are involved. The possibilities of these vehicles are endless, and as a manufacturer of these unmanned vehicles, we can adapt these to suit theindividual requirements of the threat.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle benefits and uses

Clearly the greatest benefit of an unmanned ground vehicle is simply that it is unmanned. The risk to life is diminished if there is no life near the explosive threat that is in need of disposing. However, given the greater application of these vehicles, there are other benefits to be had that are detailed below:

  • Reduced risk to human life, keeping people away from dangerous areas
  • Precision positioning and transporting of heavy, bulky items between manufacturing or work stations
  • Protection of workers from the hazards of arc welding
  • Can be used for spraying and thinning
  • Mapping and accessinghazardousmine tunnels
  • Used for search and rescue, again in often dangerous places
  • Used in fire-fighting where there are additional threats such as gas canisters present
  • Used in nuclear and chemical plants
  • And many more…

As well as manufacturing a range of land mine clearing equipment and unmanned ground vehicles, Armtrac also provide support and services to help you correctly use the equipment and service and maintain it.

If you are interested in further information about Armtrac and the unmanned ground vehicle equipment that we manufacturer and provide, or about the servicing, maintenance and training we offer. Contact Armtrac on: 01638 743979 or email us at: sales@armtrac.net.