Mine Sifter – Everything you need to know

Mine Sifter – Everything you need to know

Here at Armtrac our Mine Sifter has been designed specifically to provide a higher level of quality assurance in the mechanical mine clearing industry.

What is the Mine Sifter’s intended use?

This machine is specifically intended to be towed behind the Armtrac 400, 100-350 and 75T-230 in order to remove mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) or parts of UXO from the ground. The average speed of this machine means that is can process up to 5000 square metres an hour.

What are some of the features of our Mine Sifter?

  • Steel Roller - Our Mine Sifter has a steel roller to transfer soil and stones evenly onto the star unit.
  • Dual Gearbox - A dual gearbox has been fitted on this model so that you have increased reliability and equal power distribution on both sides of the machine.
  • Levelling - On this model we have designed a hydraulic levelling leg so you maintain an even cover on a star bed.
  • Self-steering - We have fitted automatic self steering with an indicator and sensor system.
  • Magnet - This model is fitted with a manual controlled magnet whereby you can collect UXO and metal objects.
  • Steel Wheels - This mine sifter can befitted with steel braced wheels or foam filler tyres for added strength and durability.

Want to find out more about the features of our Mine Sifter?

Visit our website today to view the full list of specifications and features of this model. Alternatively you can call our team on 01638 743979 to discuss your de-mining needs further.