CEFA , Armtrac & ECA awarded Government tender

CEFA , Armtrac & ECA awarded Government tender

Following the issue of a tender by the French Ministry of Defence in 2012 for a mechanical Zone De-pollution System (SDZ) to clear mined areas remotely, a 20 Million Euro contract was finally awarded to CEFA (French Prime Contractor) in December 2014 with ARMTRAC Ltd (a UK Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) and ECA (a French SME) providing the key manufacturing components to meet the operational requirements.

CEFA , Armtrac & ECA awarded Government tender for mine clearance equipment

  • CEFA is an experienced, recognized French defence contractor specialising in design, manufacturing and maintenance of engineering equipment.
  • ECA has many years of robotic experience and supplies EOD robots worldwide including to the French MOD.
  • ARMTRAC Ltd has 15 years experience of manufacturing and supplying mechanical equipment for the clearance of Explosive Ordnance (EO) to the humanitarian demining community worldwide and brings a very versatile mechanical solution to the French MOD with its Armtrac 75T; a powerful, tracked, medium category Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) which is flexible enough to undertake heavy engineering tasks as well as demining using multiple toolkits. The Company’s experience is underpinned by its founder, Steve Brown, who has vast knowledge and experience in mechanical solutions for the agricultural and engineering sector and was the Chief Design Engineer for some of the earliest demining equipment provided for the First Gulf War.

Each SDZ comprises two UGVs and a suite of demining and engineering toolkits. The first tranche to be supplied by 2017 consists of 3 SDZ & 3 sets of toolkits and this is potentially followed by two conditional tranches of 4 and 3 SDZ & toolkits respectively; a total of 20 machines.

To view the original Pres release, click on the link: Press Release - February 2015