The Benefits And Uses Of A Mine Roller

The Benefits And Uses Of A Mine Roller

What is a Mine Roller?

A mine roller is a device that is attached to either a tank or an armoured vehicle with the aim of scoping an area or route to provide a level of confidence that no victim activated explosive ordnance including land mines are present. Mine rollers have several heavy wheels and can have short projecting steel grinders. These grinders allow a higher ground pressure and therefore ensures the explosion of pressure activated devices such as mines.

The Armtrac Mine Roller is used when there is a possibility, rather than a probability, of a victim operated device being present. The mine roller protects vehicles and civilians from the attack as the device is full width proving and comprises of 2 sets of roller banks each with 7 rollers, providing a level of confidence to the vehicle. Following the use of the mine roller system, the threat assessment can be revised which contributes to the land release or route proving process.


  • Protects humans and civilians as the mine roller is at the front of the tank/armoured vehicle
  • Can cover a large area quickly.
  • Can beĀ used to transfer up to 4000Kg of weight onto the wheels in order to generate sufficient force to be able to trigger victim operated devices.
  • When not route proving, rollers can also be lifted off the ground providing greater speed and flexibility.
  • Can be steered in different directions and negotiate moderate corners whilst still covering thefull width of ground in front of the vehicle.
  • Can be used over a range of different terrains.In the event of a smaller explosion, only the roller will be damaged which is easily replaced.
  • In event of a significant explosion, the complete roller bank is designed to sheer off the main frame at the weakest point but is equally easily replaceable.

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