How Armtrac Ltd Helps In the Disposal of Landmines

How Armtrac Ltd Helps In the Disposal of Landmines

Why use landmine clearing equipment? Let's look at the bigger picture.

What Is A Landmine?
A landmine is an explosive device which is emplaced either on the surface or just underneath the surface of the ground to kill, destroy, or incapacitate enemy personnel and/or equipment. It is typically triggered when pressure is applied to it by either someone walking over it (anti-personnel mine (APM)), or a vehicle crossing on top of it (anti-vehicle or anti-tank mine (AVM/ATM)) although other triggering devices are often used such as trip wires, magnetic influence or other forms of electronic sensors. Anti-personnel Mines are sub-divided into four categories based on their primary method of causing injury; blast, fragmentation, bounding fragmentation and directional fragmentation.

Landmines are put in place during conflicts; however once the conflicts are over, often the landmines remain particularly if they have been placed by non-state actors. This means that they can still cause harm to civilians and animals.

What is a Minefield?
A minefield consists of anti-personnel mines, anti-vehicle / anti-tank mines or a mix of both. There are four types of minefields, Protective (to protect military positions), Tactical (to create positional advantage), Nuisance (to disrupt and delay) and Phoney (containing no mines to deceive about the locations of real minefields).

  • International Mine Action Standards (IMAS)
    Humanitarian Mine Action (Demining) to release land containing landmines and minefields safely is guided by IMAS 08.20.  Mechanical Demining is guided by IMAS 09.50 which states that machines used on demining operations can be divided into those designed to detonate potential threats, those designed to prepare the ground and those designed to detect hazards. Mechanical demining equipment including those designed and manufactured by Armtrac Ltd are well suited to the following tasks.

Conducting Technical Survey in order to confirm and define the location of the precise hazardous area where geographical information about the location of the mines is limited.

Processing large areas of land within Suspect Hazardous Areas (SHA) or Confirmed Hazardous Areas (CHA) where the level of tolerable risk remaining after mechanical activity is acceptable with or without deploying further demining assets.

Preparing the ground by vegetation cutting, removal of trip wires, loosening soil or removal of excess debris where there has been a build-up of soil or sand above the threat due to environmental factors.

About Armtrac
Armtrac Ltd was founded by Stephen Brown who has worked at designing and manufacturing mechanical demining machines for 20 years.

The engineering team at Armtrac have many years of experience using and manufacturing mine clearing machines. There is constant research and development to improve the processes of locating and disposing of mines and unexploded ordnance.

Armtrac have many different machines for use in a variety of situations.

Armtrac 20T Robot (Tracked)

  • Designed for conventional demining and EO clearance operations as well as counter IED operations
  • It is a remote controlled machine allowing operators to keep out of harm's way
  • It can be fitted with numerous attachments to help complete tasks in various demining, EOD or C-IED operations
  • Can be heli-lifted

Armtrac 75t – 230 (Tracked)

  • Designed to destroy and withstand 10kg anti-tank mines
  • Hydraulically operated
  • Multi-role attachments available to meet various EOD, demining or construction needs
  • Controlled by a remote from up to 800 meters
  • Can fit in a Sea Container during transportation

Armtrac 100 – 350 (Wheeled)

  • Essential components are armoured, and it is controlled from a cabin on the machine
  • Can operate the Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller System for Route Proving Operations Multi-role attachments can be added to it so that it can carry out more functions
  • It can be driven on the road between work sites

Armtrac 400 (Tracked)

  • Largest of the range of demining equipment
  • Can clear 2,400 square meters in an hour
  • It is designed to withstand and destroy anti-tank mines of up to 10kg
  • It is a remote controlled vehicle - up to 800 meters
  • Multi-role toolkits available to meet various EOD, demining or construction needs

Armtrac’s contribution to land release operations worldwide prevents incidents of people or animals accidently triggering landmines enabling those who are possibly rebuilding their lives after conflict, to walk around freely without the worry of hidden explosive threats..

If you would like to find out more information on landmines and how Armtrac Ltd can help to remove landmines or vegetation during land release operations, contact Armtrac Ltd today on: 01638 743979 or email at: