Using A Robot For Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Using A Robot For Explosive Ordnance Disposal

The saying goes that we ‘should never send a human to do a robots job’ and that is certainly the case when it comes to explosive ordnance disposal. Disposing of unexploded ordnance is an extremely dangerous and risky job but with the help of high quality, specialist equipment, we can alleviate some of that risk!

There are a range of different robots that can carry out this disposal, all specialising in different terrains and with different features and toolkits. Armtrac manufacture a range of different equipment that have different purposes and make its equipment multi-functional.These range from mine rollers and mine combs to segregators and sifters. This equipment is put through a rigorous testing programme to ensure every component and element leaves the factory meeting a high standard. These robots are supplied to and used by armies from all around the world giving a sense of security that civilians and land owners will be as protected as much as possible when disposing of the unexploded ordnance.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robots are not only useful for work in an army, but they are also used for a multitude of scenarios where terrorists seek to injure or kill security forces.Armtrac manufacture this equipment to be affordable and of a high quality so situations like these can be properly managed. This also lessens the risk to the humans in control of these situations and speeds up the process of working out a solution to the threat.

Some Benefits of Using a Robot For Explosive Ordnance Disposal:

  • Less of a risk to human life - using a robot means that humans are slightly more out of the way when it comes to disposing of unexploded ordnance. If they are controlling a mine roller they will be further away from impact and when using an unmanned ground vehicle, humans are kept completely clear of the dangerous area as the robot is controlled from afar.
  • Robots can be used on a variety of different terrains and are very precise with positioning - Armtrac equipment can be controlled by a remote control device and camera monitor and each different robot has different features which allow them to work on particular terrainand in particular areas.

They are able to deal with the threat without necessarily detonating it.

After listing just a few benefits to using robots for explosive ordnance disposal, I think we all probably understand how important these are, especially in today’s society. So we need to ensure the awareness and access to these robots are easy and cost effectiveArmtracequipment is used daily all across the world and we believe it makes a huge difference to explosive ordnance disposal techniques and more importantly, it helps lessen the risk to human life.

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