Explosive Ordnance Disposal Companies

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Companies

Although we would love to shout from the rooftops about the many features of our mine clearing equipment and machinery, we have decided to let our customers tell you about it instead. Continue reading for real testimonials from our clients about their Armtrac machinery…

“The ability for the machines to withstand anti tank mine damage was instrumental in ensuring we finished the season on schedule but more importantly your willingness to work with us and ensure the machines stayed on track made me proud that we chose Armtrac”

RW Gannon - Vice President Operations, RONCO Consulting Corporation

“Spares are readily available even in remote areas... a new front axle was flown into the project location and fitted within 72 hours to allow the machine to continue with its mine clearing duties. This demonstrates the benefit of the Armtrac range of equipment and the support provided by the Company”

Guy S Lucas MBE - CEO - BACTEC

“Armtrac machines by using quick hitch couplings on their boom arm means they can also operate as engineering and construction toolkits. Therefore Armtrac machines are a good investment because of their multipurpose characteristic”

Ambassador Fathy El Shazly - Ministry of Internal Cooperation,  Egypt 

“Armtrac machines are particularly versatile as they can operate demining equipment and many other engineering tools as well. This allows a single platform to operate in a number of different roles and makes them particularly good value for money as a result”

Kevin Kneebone - Managing Director, Dynsafe


If you would like to get in touch with to discuss the range of mine clearing equipment we offer then please call us on 01638 743979 or email us at sales@armtrac.net.