Explosive Ordnance Disposal Companies

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Companies

What is Explosive Ordnance Disposal?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is the process by which explosive devices are made safe. Explosive Ordnance and devices includes landmines, other mines, ammunition, bombs, rockets and many more categories of munitions.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal manufacturing companies provide mechanical demining equipment and machinery that helps to make safe and destroy unexploded ordnancesafely.

By providing equipment such as unmanned ground vehicles and demining robots, we are putting distance between the unexploded ordnance device and the people whose responsibility it is to clear the mine or disarm the bombs.

Why choose Armtrac as your Mine Action Machinery Manufacturing Company?

Armtrac is a privately owned explosive ordnance disposal company which designs and manufactures a range of armoured mechanical demining machines to operate in areas contaminated by landmines and other unexploded explosive ordnance.

The Armtrac engineering team has many years manufacturing experience, supplying into the US Army, Albania, Angola, Bosnia, Chad, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, French Army, Falkland Islands, Iraq / Kurdistan, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nigerian Army, Sudan, and for clearance of Ministry of Defence firing ranges in the United Kingdom. In addition to this Armtrac has an on-going research and development programme and can design for client’s bespoke requirement.

Our demining equipment is multi-functional.  Because it is designed to perform a multitude of roles including demining, EOD and heavy engineering, the number of platforms can be reduced thus making Armtrac better value for money.  The flexibility of Armtrac demining equipment to perform wide ranging engineering roles has attracted clients such as the French MOD to invest in the Armtrac brand.

In addition to our permanent staff, we have an excellent short-term supply of reliable contract fitter fabricators & welders enabling us to efficiently manage our manpower workflow to keep to our lean manufacturing philosophy.

In short, we provide the very best quality products and offer excellent and reliable customer service, no matter who or where you are in the world.

You can read more about the Armtrac products here: https://armtrac.net/products-unmanned-ground-vehicle/

Armtrac manufacture explosive ordnance disposal machinery that help in rendering safe explosive items to assist in making armed forces and civilians safe. You can read more about the Armtrac products here: https://armtrac.net/products-unmanned-ground-vehicle/.

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