Armtrac Demining Equipment for Safe Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Armtrac Demining Equipment for Safe Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Armtrac Limited is a cutting-edge, innovative explosive ordnance disposal company that designs and manufactures the Armtrac range of armoured mechanical demining machines.


We offer our demining machines for use in areas that are contaminated by landmines and hidden explosive ordnance devices that pose a serious threat.


You can use our remote-controlled machines to safely clear landmine areas and to provide a means of Technical Survey in Land Release Operations. On most of our models, there is an option to operate them by remote control and/or directly from an Armoured Cabin.


Land release operations

The management and operation of an effective land release may not always be as straightforward as is expected. The land clearance process needs to follow a logical progression from an initial Non-Technical Survey, to a Technical Survey of the land to define the risks and potential location of unexploded devices and then to final clearance and the subsequent hand-over of the land.


Thorough risk management functions need to take place before the land clearance operation can begin and all management and clearance operatives must be kept fully supported and informed with in-depth information.


The process of land release activities is to apply all reasonable effort to survey, locate, identify and define hazards. This will then enable operational managers to apply the appropriate measures to safely remove all mines and suspicious unexploded ordnance including any sub-munitions.


Managing the risks presented by mines

When entering an area or region of a country that has suffered from a period of active conflict, the local government may be pushing hard for swift emergency reconstruction and the handing back of the land to the local community.


Before this can happen there needs to be a phase of general survey and assessment followed by land clearance where residual contamination from mines and unexploded devices may present a risk to human activity.


Through devising a careful management plan the risks to the local community can be identified, the significance of the risks determined and the equipment and resources needed to mitigate the risks are sourced.


Land clearance operatives will also need to be trained in the safe use of demining machinery and equipment. This is where working with Armtrac and using unmanned ground machinery can be very beneficial.



Armtrac unmanned ground vehicles

Armtrac has been involved in the design, manufacture and operation of mine clearing machines for over 20 years. Our company have overseen successful mine and UXO clearing operations in ex-conflict areas in many different parts of the world.


Armtrac Managing Director, Stephen Brown, has worked alongside the Mechanical Mine Action Committee of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).


Armtrac machines have been or are being supplied for use in the US Army, Albania, Angola, Bosnia, Chad, Croatia, Egypt, French Army, Falkland Islands, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nigerian Army, Saudi Arabia Land Forces, Sudan, and for clearance of Ministry of Defence firing ranges in the United Kingdom.


Fully comprehensive all-in-one service

One of the greatest benefits of our innovative machinery designs is the ability to mount a variety of demining, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Engineering/Construction Toolkits to the same platform creating better value for money for your land clearance project.


Our demining machinery is built to extremely robust standards and undergoes a rigorous schedule of tests and quality inspections throughout their manufacture. This ensures that every single element and component that goes into building our machines meets with our strict level of standards before leaving the factory.


Our field support services mean that all of our equipment comes with a 12-month warranty with Factory follow- up. This includes a 12 months machine spares package as well to provide normal first line replacement parts.


We supply all necessary manuals and documentation as part of the purchase package and these are supplied free of charge. All documentation is supplied in English. Armtrac Ltd is committed to a programme of continuous improvement as part of its ISO 9001:2008 process. We welcome and encourage feedback from all of our clients.


Training and machine maintenance

At Amtrac, we don't just deliver you with our high-quality demining machinery and equipment. We also offer you a fully comprehensive service through expert training in the care and maintenance of your demining machinery.


We recommend that each piece of demining machinery and toolkits are maintained by a trained operator or mechanic. We can provide your staff with the necessary training needed.


The servicing requirements for each machine will differ and can vary between 250 – 1000 hours of operation. The accompanying documentation will specify the requirements and the recommended spares allocation for maintenance purposes.


Before daily use, we do recommend that an inspection check takes place of all of your consumable items, including hammers, chains, picks, and pick holders.


Amtrac normally provide training in country  but clients are asked provide food and accommodation for the trainer.


The training we offer will vary in duration and will depend on the type of machines and tool kits being used.



Do not hesitate to contact us at our Head Office should you need any advice and guidance about the type of demining machinery you need and the toolkits that are appropriate for your land clearance operation.


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