How Armtrac Has Changed Demining

How Armtrac Has Changed Demining

Armtrac manufactures demining machines and equipment that can help clear landmines to make the land safer in areas of current or previous conflict. Our vehicles are made to be able to be operated and work in difficult environments and have proven to be effective in their mission of mine clearance.

However, although there is now speciality equipment with the latest technology to help identify and destroy landmines, this has not always been the case.

Previous Demining Techniques

The process of demining may have started with minesweeping, which could be used to identify mines. After this, machines were used to conduct Technical Survey and then process ground in order to clear and destroy them. It was, and still is essential that the most appropriate equipment is selected in any demining process, to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

Handheld Demining Tools

Historically, demining would take place with the use of handheld mechanical tools (such as metal detectors), which always poses a risk of injury to those leading the demining procedure. Adding to this difficulty, some mines are created with minimal amounts of metal (and sometimes with no metal at all). This makes them difficult to detect and consequently requires highly sensitive equipment. Unfortunately, with any detection technique, there are a significant number of  false positives when using metal detectors particularly in ground which is contaminated with metal debris and/or UXO. This causes time and resources to be unnecessarily wasted.

Demining Now

Manual demining is still used frequently on operations without any other methodologies, However, in order to improve speed and efficiency, it is often used in conjunction with canine detection or mechanical clearance, Armtrac have developed vehicles that can improve the speed and efficiency of demining operations. Our machines can deal with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and aging landmines alike.. Where older landmines are present which may have degraded or become unstable (such as in historic conflict areas), some risk can be removed with the use of mechanical assets..

With Armtrac’s equipment, there is the advantage of physically being able to cover more ground quickly. These machines can operate in difficult terrain and varying weather conditions. Mechanical equipment is also becomes essential when extracting deep buried landmines which would otherwise be very difficult to locate. Our flexible and robust machines are designed to cater for a wide range of demining activities involved in the complete spectrum of demining operations.

Animals in Demining

Dogs and rats are also used in demining. Although there are benefits to this, training and keeping animals healthy as part of a demining plan is not always practical or accessible.

If traditional mechanical tools such as flails and tillers are not what you need, Armtrac can also provide different toolkits, such as the Rotary Mine Comb, which extracts and collects mines on the surface for EOD action at a later stage.

Technological Demining Advancements

The modern technology used in Armtrac’s vehicles means that a thorough process of demining can take place. Armtrac is committed to continuous improvement, and this includes ensuring that our equipment is as thorough and effective as possible. In years gone by, the safety of people and the detection of mines could be compromised through dated techniques or equipment. Now, our machines are continually improving and becoming more effective.

Armtrac machines can also be adapted to suit the needs of the operators. For example, robotic arms can be added to our complete Armtrac fleet. This allows for a Grapple or Manipulator / Gripper to be used to further investigate potential mines or IEDs. Alternatively, a vegetation cutting strimmer can be added to clear overgrown areas where demining is to take place.

Some of our machines and their benefits:

  • Armtrac 10-W4 Robot: Cost effective, fully remote controlled, miniature Unmanned Ground Vehicle, built to investigate areas or objects while keeping operators at a safe distance.
  • Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot: Flexible, cost effective, remote controlled, small (heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle. Can be fitted with a variety of toolkits.
  • Armtrac 75t-230:Capable of clearing approximately 1,100 square meters per hour to a verified (CROMAC tested) depth of 35cm. Fully remote controlled up to 800 meters, flail or tiller available.
  • Armtrac 100-350 Mk 2:All key components are armour protected and shielded, tyres are foam filled. Tiller and Flail capable of cutting thick vegetation while processing ground to a depth of 40cm. Armoured cabin for direct control operations but can also be remote controlled.
  • Armtrac 400:Largest and most powerful of our machines. Capable of clearing 2,400 square meters per hour, has an effective tilling depth of 55cm, designed to destroy and withstand 10kg Anti-Tank mines.

Some of the other machines you may want to consider are:

  • Armtrac Sifter
  • Armtrac Roller
  • Armtrac Strimmer

Demining with Armtrac

Without the use of the full range of demining methodologies including demining machines such as the ones that Armtrac provide, there is an increased risk that communities in former conflict areas may be left living in and around areas which may be dangerous. Alternatively, if demining is not carried out thoroughly enough, the process may also leave civilians feeling safe, when they may still be at risk of encountering landmines that have been missed. This is why it is essential for efforts to be exhaustive with a high degree of Quality Management. Through our demining machines and other methodologies, operators can remove active landmines, so that the land is completely safe for civilians and can be used again.

How we Help

Mine clearance is made easier and safer by using machines that Armtrac manufacture. We provide a range of machines that can be used across a variety of terrains, and suit a number of budgets. The machines can be operated remotely, or can be controlled from an armoured cabin which gives the operator a “birds eye” view of the ground processing operation. Armtrac are in the risk reduction business and contribute to a wide range of demining operations worldwide.

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