Demining Machines by Armtrac

Demining Machines by Armtrac

Creating our demining machines

Armtrac are experts in demining machinery. Our company has been operating for over 20 years, and through this time we have found what works and made improvements along the way for the better. This has allowed us to make the machines that so many people love and trust today.

Through our years in the industry, we have been able to competently create some of the most sophisticated demining machines for people around the world to use. We have seen where strides in machine design have taken place, and are dedicated to constantly improving our products.

A need for demining machines

Demining machines are needed more frequently than ever. This is because mines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) are still very common. Due to current conflicts and previous wars, there is a great need for machines that can rid areas of these dangerous devices.

Good demining machines are an integral part of leading a good demining mission. For a demining project to be successful, a well chosen demining machine must first be selected. If lower quality equipment is chosen, it may not only be less effective, but it can also raise health and safety concerns. This is why Armtrac’s demining equipment is manufactured to such high standards. Our demining machines are a practical solution to a complex problem, and can help anyone accomplish mine excavation and clearance. For a great start in your demining strategy, consider using one of Armtrac’s many machines.

The people behind our demining machines

To create the highest quality demining machinery, we have a team of dedicated people who work to ensure that a job done by Armtrac is always a job well done. They help to guarantee that the demining products that you get from us, maintain the quality and condition that you’d expect. The Armtrac team manufacture demining machines to the highest specifications, with an aim for them to be long lasting. This is important, as demining machines need to be durable, due to the kind of terrain and obstacles they might come across. This is why we build machines that you can really rely on.

We are professionals in demining machine design and innovation, and have people on our team who are truly proud to be key players in the ever evolving world of landmine search and disposal. The members of the Armtrac team come equipped with specialist knowledge that contributes to us creating the highest quality demining equipment for you. The individuals behind Armtrac possess a wealth of experience, ranging from working as mechanical design engineers, Fabricator/Welders, Mine Action consultants, and electronic/ electromechanical engineers. They are now dedicated to applying their skills and practical knowledge to producing demining machines that make a positive difference throughout the world.

Why Armtrac’s demining machines are better

Our demining robots and vehicles are some of the best available today. We believe that we are unique in creating such a range of equipment that is truly top of the range. Due to our variety of equipment, we have demining machines suitable for all manner of scenarios. These include pieces of demining equipment to be used in some of the most dangerous demining missions. Despite our demining machines having slightly differing focuses, they have all been proven to be successful in demining operations. We wanted to have machines that are specialised to work in different scenarios, as we know that certain environments and situations can have unique challenges. In the midst of these challenging conditions, people require machines that are able to proficiently handle landmines (as well as dirt, dust, and other general debris).

Keeping up with technology is of the utmost importance when designing the best demining machines. This is why Armtrac is always thinking one step ahead, and considering how we can utilise the latest technology to create even better demining equipment. The world may not be clear of mines just yet, but we believe that with quality demining equipment, such as the kind offered by Armtrac, we are slowly, steadily, and safely, making that vision become a reality.

Using Armtrac’s demining machines

Our demining machines have been designed with the intention of being as simple as possible to operate. We never compromise on safety, and so creating machines that are safe for use is imperative to us. Older demining methods have proven to come with higher risks or have less effective outcomes. However, Armtrac is determined to always create demining machines that fulfill their purpose of being as useful as can be, whilst also being as safe as possible. Our machines also come with simple instructions to make your life easier. This is because we are always prioritising your welfare and the welfare of those around you. We supply rigorously tested demining machines so that you can have the smoothest demining operation.

However, if for whatever reason you are having trouble learning about the machine you’ve purchased, or you’re not certain about how to operate it to its full capacity, the Armtrac team are always available to help

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If you need demining machines that will work safely, effectively, and with the latest technology, contact Armtrac today. Our machines have been thoroughly tried and tested, so that you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product from us. Call us today on +44 (0) 1638 743979.