Demining Robots: Finding the right machine

Demining Robots: Finding the right machine

Demining robots can be a necessity for safely clearing land from destructive devices. Without them, operatives of the equipment can place themselves in grave danger. Armtrac believes that no more lives should be lost due to a lack of access to quality demining equipment, which is why we design demining robots that make a real difference.

Mine prevalence

According to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, new mines are laid at a rate of 25 times faster than they are being cleared, which highlights just how important it is to have demining solutions that work quickly and effectively. This is supported by there being an estimated 250 million stockpiled landmines worldwide, with 2.5 million new landmines being planted each year. With hundreds of people being injured or killed by mines annually, Armtrac creates robots that help clear these land mines and UXO, so that land can be restored to its previous safe condition.

Requirements for demining robots

Demining operations can be carried out a lot more effectively when good demining robots are used. Although you might be wondering why one type of demining robot can’t be used for all demining missions, we have found that it is more effective to offer various machines with specific requirements for the intended use and terrain.

Each demining robot is slightly different and may have certain capabilities and parametersthat other robots do not have. For example, some robots perform better when used in certain situations and terrain and are more appropriate to particular types of mines. Although all demining robots will have the same objective, our experts know that each machine does work differently. Nevertheless, with Armtrac,all of our manufactured demining robot devices are of exceptional quality and have been a major key component in completing successful demining operations.

How our demining robots are created

All of Armtrac’s mine clearance equipment is created with the intent to precisely locate and accurately dispose of mine threats. We make sure to keep a careful eye on the whole design and creation process, so that our demining machines are manufactured to be as productive as we intend them to be. Our positive outcomes are reached because of our expert team, good designs, and accurate manufacturing.

Testing our demining robots

We maintain the quality of our demining robots by performing tests and inspections. This has included  trialling our Robot 20T with Military Forces in Colombia and South Korea and our larger machines in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.. You should feel assured knowing that our demining robots go through rounds of such rigorous testing, as this means that we only end up offering the best products to you.

Additionally, we also are vigilant in conducting audits, and we review our machines to see where we can do better. Improvements are always considered and by maintaining and improving our robots, we hope to have even more success in safely discovering and detonating mines.

Remote demining robots

Even in high risk environments, some of our machines can be used. For this, our remote controlled robot options are especially popular with our clients. Some of our unmanned ground vehicles come with a real time camera and monitor to improve situational awareness and ensure you have a clear idea about what is happening in the immediate vicinity of the robot. This is supported by sub-surface deminingtools, such as a flail, tiller orrotary minecomb. We know that every explosive threat is unique, and so some of our demining robots can also be customised with additions such as a robotic arm with a manipulator, disruptors or detection equipment (metal or Ground Probing Radar). This helps in identifying potential threats whilst the operator stays at a safe distance.

Whatever type of threat you think you may encounter, Armtrac have demining robots that can counteract them.  Whether our machines have a cabin or not, everyone can be remotely controlled as well., Operators of our demining robots can feel even safer if operated remotely. As landmines are so unpredictable and you never know when one might detonate, remote demining robots can help in pinpointing locations of mines, before carrying out extraction.

Demining robots examples

Our demining robots, include:

  • A20T C-IED Demining Robot
  • A75t-230
  • A100-350
  • A400
  • A10-W4

Our machines are designed to perform even in difficult terrain, so if you are faced with a landmine operation mission that you are unsure about how to tackle, choosing one of our demining robots is a great first step. We also offer engineering toolkits, so if there is ever an issue with your machine, we can still be of assistance. Furthermore, if you don’t have access to people who understand demining machines or engineering near you, Armtrac also offers training and support.

Get in touch for demining robots

If you are looking for quality demining robots that have been tried and tested, contact Armtrac today. Our machines have been put to national and international use, and are still being used to perform demeaning tasks in numerous territories around the world.

Although we have information about our various demining robots on our websites, we are happy to provide you with more information should you need it. So even if you’re not sure what demining machine might assist you best for your particular mission, we are more than happy to discuss which demining robots we can offer.

Call our team on +44 (0) 1638 743979 or email us at for more information. We hope to hear from you soon.