Demining Robots at Armtrac

Demining Robots at Armtrac

Here at Armtrac Ltd we have a range of demining robots for you to choose from, and we’ve tried to make it easier for you decide which one is right for you by listing the features of some of our products clearly so that you can make an informed decision.

Armtrac 10-W6

The Armtrac 10-W6 Robot is our smallest UGV. Its features include:

  • A top speed of approximately 3km/h
  • Designed with a fully computer numerical control chassis for complete protection
  • Comes with a 600TVL camera system
  • Capable of surveying suspicious items on route

The Armtrac 20T

The Armtrac 20T Robot is a Small (Heavy) UGV ideal for demining in confined areas where larger machines cannot access or for C-IED in open urban or wider rural environments. Its features include:

  • The ability to fit Tiller, Flail, Mine Comb and many other engineering toolkits including excavator, manipulator, strimmer and heavy duty cutters.
  • A Camera system to provide situational awareness for operators.
  • Flexibility to fit detection equipment (such Ground Probing Radar) and disruptors to neutralise surface IEDs.

Armtrac 75T-230/400

The Armtrac 75T-230 and 400 are our two largest UGVs . Their features include:

  • The ability to fit either Tiller, Flail, Mine Comb or many other heavy engineering toolkits.
  • Full remote control up to 800 metres or operated directly from an armoured sound proofed and air conditioned cabin.
  • Scissor lift cab mounting where shocks are absorbed and ride height can be adjusted.
  • An extendable boom arm to reach inaccessible areas on river banks or raised embankments.

If you want to know more about our demining robots listed above, or any of the other unmanned ground vehicles we have available please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01638 743979.