What Maintenance and Training is Needed for Demining Equipment?

What Maintenance and Training is Needed for Demining Equipment?

When you operate a demining service, the equipment that you use is of utmost importance.  But what kind of training and ongoing maintenance is required for this type of equipment?  And how can Armtrac Ltd help you with it?

The initial purchase

When you make an initial purchase of demining equipment from Armtrac, all equipment comes with a 12 month warranty along with factory follow up.  Usually, a mechanical demining machine will also come with a 12 month spares package.  This means you will receive first line replacement parts.  Most of the suppliers that we use for this type of equipment offer a worldwide service so when the equipment is in use around the globe, you can easily still get replacement parts if needed.

We also ensure that all packaging and documentation is provided in English, regardless of the region of manufacture.


Training is a key part of using demining equipment and the length and type of training required depends on staff experience and the types of equipment previously used.  It also depends on the complexity of the machines.

Armtrac offers free training at our Head Office although companies do need to handle travel, food and accommodation costs for staff attending the training.  We can also offer in-country training as part of the purchase package.


The final part of operating demining equipment is the use of ongoing maintenance.  We recommend that all equipment is maintained by an operator or mechanic and this is something we can provide training for if required.

Engine servicing intervals vary between different equipment and can be anywhere from 250 to 1000 hours.  Documentation supplied with the equipment will outline the manufacturer’s recommended frequency.  Some daily servicing and maintenance are always recommended for constant use items to ensure they remain in top working condition.