Fully Comprehensive Support comes with our Demining Machines

Fully Comprehensive Support comes with our Demining Machines

Demining Machines Support

At Armtrac, we understand that customer service is the most important element of any business, and that is why providing good customer service and support sits at the heart of everything that we do.

We understand that because of the nature of the job in hand, you need to have a very reliable and trustworthy relationship with us. After all, if we provided inadequate demining machinery or delivered poor customer training and guidance, this could result in putting many lives at risk.

We are proud to offer our clients the best possible support and backup to enable you to operate your demining equipment to maximum effectiveness. We have an open an honest communication system where you can quickly have your queries answered and any issues with your machinery resolved immediately. You can put your trust in Armtrac to carry on supporting you throughout the life of your demining machines and equipment.

Fully tailored customer support services

We treat each of our clients as individuals. We understand that you will want a great customer experience where you are not simply a number, and that is what our team strive to deliver.

Armtrac are committed to delivering high-level support for our clients and our dedicated backup comes in many forms:

Field Support

We will provide you with a fully comprehensive 12 month warranty with spares and first line replacement parts. We can increase this to 24 months if an Armtrac engineer is employed to carry out servicing and repairs.  Whenever you need replacement components, you will be able to access them easily and quickly. This is because we work with component manufacturing companies that operate world-wide, which means no matter where in the world you are operating, you will be able to get the parts you need.

Armtrac supply fully detailed user manuals completely free of charge as part of your purchase package. But it doesn't end there! Armtrac is committed to a programme of continuous improvement as part of its ISO 9001:2015 process. You will be encouraged to use our client feedback form so that we can advise and support you appropriately throughout the life of your demining machinery.

Regular maintenance training and support

Armtrac recommends that you undertake regular servicing and maintenance of your demining equipment to ensure its continued safety and efficiency. We recommend that maintenance is carried out by a qualified operator/mechanic, and we are able to provide all of the necessary training needed for your designated staff.

Depending on which piece of demining machines you purchase, each will differ with its servicing requirements. Some machinery can vary as much as between 250 to 1000 hours of operation between services, so you will need to check the accompanying user manual and documentation for the details. Your machinery documentation will also specify the recommended spare parts for your maintenance needs.

As with most specialist equipment and machinery, there will be a recommended daily servicing schedule to follow, such as checking on the condition of consumable items on demining toolkits.

Comprehensive demining machinery training

Our specialised training courses are designed and delivered around the needs and complexities of each piece of equipment. The length of our training courses can vary as a result, and can also be affected by the knowledge and experience of the demining machinery operators.

Head Office in Cambridge. However, we can also offer our training on location, which can be negotiated with us.