Demining Equipment to clear an Intended Route

Demining Equipment to clear an Intended Route

Demining Equipment

Demining equipment is needed when areas of former conflict have to be cleared to bring it back into safety and use, whether that is for access, building projects or for agricultural use. However, it is also used in on-going conflict zones to maintain usable logistic routes.

Minesweeping is usually carried out through thoroughly processing an area suspected of containing landmines or unexploded ordnance. These activities are well planned and tightly organised to reduce the risk of injury or death to those carrying out the operation.

C-IED / Demining equipment will also be used when an area needs to be cleared quickly to create a safe route along a stretch of road for transport purposes. This may be to move personnel and equipment swiftly from one location to another by the shortest possible route.

An ideal piece of demining equipment:

An ideal piece of demining equipment for this purpose would be the Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller System.

The Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller System has been designed to confirm f the presence of victim-activated landmines and IEDs quickly. The unique roller system is typically used where there is a possibility, rather than a probability, of victim operated devices being present along an intended route. It has been built to a full width using two wheel banks of seven rollers.

Made from a very strong polyurethane composite, each roller is tough, hard-wearing and puncture proof. The vehicle can be maneuvered to negotiate moderately angled corners well, while the articulated roller wheels hug tightly to undulating ground surfaces with continuous full-width coverage.

In the event of an explosion, and depending on the quantity of explosive present in the device, the complete roller bank sheers off the mainframe at the weakest point but can be easily replaced with a new roller bank. Single rollers can be replaced when damaged by smaller explosions.

When not actively probing pathways, the rollers will conveniently raise off the ground to allow the vehicle to move swiftly on to it's next location for further use.

Armtrac can design C-IED Mine Roller Systems for a range of Armoured Personnel Carriers so that if a potential customer already has a protected vehicle, they can continue to use their existing assets with a bespoke system engineered for them.

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