Armtrac Demining Equipment: Ridding the World of Landmines

Armtrac Demining Equipment: Ridding the World of Landmines

Even after conflicts have been successfully resolved, landmines continue to represent a danger across the world, killing or maiming an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 people every year.  Of those affected by leftover landmines in areas of conflict, one in five of the victims are children.

Amtrac are committed to helping remove these mines with our specialist demining equipment and comprehensive demining machine operational training. Our approach to landmine removal saves lives, especially for those people on the ground trying to remove mines using metal detectors and removal by hand.

Environmental terrain and soil issues

There are many problems faced by physical mine removal teams including having to factor in the risks associated with the local terrain and soil conditions they are working with. Environmental issues can cause many challenges for mine removal staff, and the situation is made worse when trying to locate and remove difficult to find mines such as plastic anti-personnel mines that hand-held metal detectors can miss. Also, in environmentally sensitive areas such as the Falkland Islands, care has to be taken not to remove certain protected plant species and to only operate outside of the nesting season when contaminated sites are occupied by penguin colonies.

There are also the risks associated with the removal of discovered mines from tricky soil conditions, such as wet/sticky soil or heavily vegetated soil with tough roots that makes physical removal even more difficult. There is no easy way to deal with these mines in a safe way other than to look at alternative removal techniques such as using specialist unmanned demining equipment and machinery.

Armtrac innovations

By removing the human factor in the discovery and removal of landmines, one can protect deminers from risks and also improve landmine discovery and removal rates at the same time. Demining an area of land by hand is a long and painstakingly slow process that presents an incredibly high level of risk for those working on the ground especially when full or partial excavation is required for minimum metal mines which are not detectable to the contract depth. By using an unmanned demining machine that is operated by remote control from a safe distance, risks of injury and potentially death are reduced.

An added benefit is that by using a demining machine that actively chews up the ground in the demining process, you can actually improve the condition of the soil and regenerate growth. By breaking up the ground you can help to turn hard, wet or clay/peat soil into something more workable and usable. This means that the local community can more quickly make good use of the land and bring it back to life after demining is complete.

This reconditioning of the ground can take large lumps of hard soil and loose rock and break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This makes it easier for land workers to transform former fields of landmines into arable land for growing crops or returning to pasture to raise cattle and increase local food sources.

Unmanned demining machinery
Through the use of modern technology, Amtrac can provide you with the very latest innovations in unmanned demining machinery. No matter how large or small an area that you need to clear, Armtrac will have a solution for you.

With our out-of-the-box thinking and planning, we have helped to revolutionise the demining sector to help reduce the risks of injury and death through the use of our specialist equipment and machinery to safely remove these terrible relics of conflict and return the land back to the people.

There are many different demining machines we have available, from the unmanned Armtrac 20T Robot to the large Armtrac 400. All Armtrac machines can be operated by remote control whether an armoured cabin is fitted or not and a remote control station is issued with every machine.

Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 - Unmanned Ground Vehicle

This very useful demining robot is incredibly versatile. We wanted this machine to offer a cost-effective yet flexible solution that can be easily fitted with a range of demining tools, such as a demining flail or tiller attachment, in addition to having a rear robotic arm with multiple attachment options. In fact you could say that the Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot is the Swiss Army Knife of modern remote control demining machinery!  Unlike our competitors, tools can be added to the front and rear of the machine concurrently allowing a greater number of roles to be performed on a single platform.

For C-IED operations, a detector system can be fitted on the front of the vehicle and an IED disruptor can be fitted to the rear robotic arm at the same time. Alternatively, a detector can be fitted to the rear robotic arm with a tiller or flail mounted on the front; the combinations are unlimited depending on the threat that needs to be countered.  This makes this dual-purpose piece of demining equipment a very valuable addition to your demining assets.

You can rely on the robot to operate smoothly and efficiently for several hours without the need of refuelling thanks to its 74 HP diesel water cooled Kohler engine.

The Armtrac 20T Robot is useful for the following demining operations:

•           Conventional Demining & EO Clearance Operations
•           Counter-IED Operations
•           Mechanical demining where there is restricted access for larger mechanical equipment
•           Mechanical Surrogate Scout for Dismounted Foot Patrols
•           Small clearance operations & area reduction
•           Support to C-IED operations
•           Support to Route Clearance operations
•           Surface/Sub-surface IED Disposal
•           Technical Survey and EO Reconnaissance
•           Vegetation cutting prior to manual or canine assisted demining

The Armtrac 20T Mk2 can be very useful for your demining operations, especially in more challenging terrain where its compact size makes it easier to access tight spots or areas that cannot be accessed by much larger pieces of machinery.

For more information on our Armtrac demining equipment, get in touch with our team today!