Armtrac Counter Explosive Ordnance Products and Equipment

Armtrac Counter Explosive Ordnance Products and Equipment

Armtrac design and manufacture a flexible range of unmanned demining vehicles, counter explosive ordnance machinery and tool kits that are designed to clear and dispose of explosive ordnance left behind in areas of conflict. Our range of demining equipment includes tailored solutions that allow for replacement bolt-on tool kits to be added.

Our counter explosive ordnance products are specifically designed to suit the needs of local government, police, armed forces or commercial bodies working in partnership towards reclaiming minefields and former conflict land to return it to the public, or for private or community use.


Our aims and objectives

 It is our mission to design, build and supply high-quality, trusted, and safe mechanical equipment for land clearance/land release operations where there is a risk of encountering hidden unexploded ordnance, such as Landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) or Booby Traps that are not safe to be physically moved and pose a risk of death or injury to both government personnel and/or local community land users.

Armtrac Limited is a privately owned counter explosive ordnance company that works closely with authorities across the world to provide a fully comprehensive service including everything from a technical survey in land release operations, to the provision of suitable unmanned, remotely controlled demining machinery or directly operated mine clearance equipment using armoured cabins.

The great advantage of Armtrac equipment is its versatility and ability to work in multiple roles. While it is primarily designed to counter the threat from landmines, it can operate Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment for Counter-IED scenarios including the ability to operate investigation toolkits, disruptors and detectors (Metal and ground Probing Radar (GPR)).  All of our equipment also operates engineering toolkits such as front and rear loading buckets, dozer blades and forklift tines thus allowing all Armtrac equipment to assist in logistic and engineering functions associated with counter explosive ordnance tasks but also provides a second life for the machines after its primary role. Armtrac’s multi-function platforms provide value for money, cost-effective solutions and prevents purchasing platforms for every different role

We also provide technical support and back-up for our customers in the form of detailed operational manuals for each piece of equipment we manufacture as well as in-depth training for staff and personnel responsible for the operation of our equipment in the field.


Armtrac specialisation

You can meet our team and learn about who you will be working with. Our team have decades of combined knowledge and experience in the design, manufacture and operation of mine-clearing machines.

Our very experienced team have overseen many successful UXO and landmine clearance projects in different countries around the world. Our equipment and services have been deployed in all sorts of varying environments and terrains that can throw up a lot of hidden obstacles and risks that prevent land clearance tasks being carried out.

We can assist and speed up on-the-ground landmine clearance being done by hand and the use of our unmanned and manned demining machines minimises the risk to life and limb.

Armtrac is also very heavily invested in our ongoing research and development programme where we are constantly testing and refining new designs for demining machinery, equipment and replacement tools kits for our machines.


Our counter explosive ordnance range

Armtrac delivers flexible solutions for our partners to enable them to counter the threat posed by IEDs, unexploded ordnance left over from previous wars and conflicts. We can offer our partners an integrated service that includes intelligence solutions, product training, explosive device destruction and disposal.


The Armtrac Roller

The Armtrac Roller System is specifically designed to locate and destruct victim operated explosive devices that are buried in the ground. The Roller can add an extra layer of confidence and assurance that there are no devices present in an area that is to be used as an intended route for vehicles where there may be a possibility of some hidden IEDs.

The Roller is built with two-wheel banks each comprising of 7 rollers. The roller wheels are made from strong polyurethane, making them tough, long-lasting and puncture-proof. Each roller wheel is built to articulate over undulating terrain, meaning that any uneven surfaces will be accounted for and not skimmed over and missed.


The Armtrac Strimmer

The Armtrac Strimmer is a very useful tool that was specifically designed to reach into areas of vegetation where it would be difficult or impossible to detect or investigate unexploded ordnance. The Strimmer has been designed and constructed to cut vegetation where there is an anti-tank mine threat, so you know that you are getting a very tough and resilient piece of kit with the Strimmer.

The flail action of the head operates horizontally with a 2-metre diameter clearance area. It can also be rotated into a vertical position to destroy suspicious objects that could pose a potential threat to human life.. 


The Armtrac Sifter

The Armtrac Sifter is an attachment that fits to the back of the Armtrac 400, 100-350 and the Armtrac 75T-230. It is designed for towing behind a vehicle, lifting tilled soil from a depth of 750mm. It can act as a quality control toolkit to pick up those dangerous items that may have been left behind from tiller or flail action.

The Sifter is engineered to remove unexploded ordnance and landmines from the soil and sift them out for inspection and safe disposal. This means that after the ground clearance operation has been completed, what is left behind is clean, tilled and sifted soil that is ready to be returned to normal land use.

The added benefit of this device is that it contains a magnetic head roller that also picks up ferrous metal fragments that may remain in the soil, meaning that the soil left behind is clear of metal fragments as well as UXOs.


Contact us for more information

Our team at Armtrac have extensive knowledge and understanding of the explosive ordnance used around the world in areas of conflict. We are a well-placed partner to work with when you need mechanical advice and recommendations to help with land clearance and land release operations.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Armtrac when you need our help.