Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Equipment From Armtrac

Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Equipment From Armtrac

Almost every region of the world has been involved in an armed conflict at some point in history. Some of these conflicts stand out in history for the huge impact they have created on the world and the high death toll associated with it. While the world has thankfully not witnessed a major war for quite some time, many countries are still dealing with the legacies of decades’ old wars in the form of unexploded ordnance. According to Smithsonian Magazine, there are thousands of tons of unexploded ordnance within Germany alone from the Second World War.

It’s staggering, but it’s just one example. Unexploded ordnance from the past wars are still present in many parts of the world today. According to an estimate, around 78 countries are still contaminated by landmines. But, many of them and several other types of explosive ordnance are still remaining undetected, often for decades which pose a significant risk to not just human life but also to the environment.

How to Deal with Unexploded Explosive Ordnance?

The only safe way to deal with the unexploded ordnance is to detect and dispose of them properly. Armtrac makes this possible with its cutting-edge counter explosive ordnance equipment.

Armtrac’s line of products includes a range of state-of-the-art counter explosive ordnance machines and tools. Let’s take a quick look at them to better understand how Armtrac is contributing to making this world a better and safer place. Armtrac’s counter explosive ordnance products include:

▪          Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 – Unmanned Ground Vehicle

This remote-controlled clearing robot is one of the most versatile machines in Armtrac’s catalogue. It can support a variety of toolkits and can be fitted with two different attachments simultaneously, one on the front and the other on the rear end. This unique feature allows the operators to simultaneously detect and disrupt explosive ordnance during counter explosive ordnance operations. The robot can also perform vegetation clearance, mechanical demining, and surface and sub-surface IED disposal. The small, easily manoeuvrable robot comes with a specialized hydraulic robotic arm that can be attached with a grapple to investigate explosive ordnance. It can also be used to operate a scrape bucket to expose buried weapons or a strimmer to cut vegetation. It also comes with a tiller tool for clearing explosive ordnance up to 150 to 200 mm deep into the ground and a disruptor to dispose of surface-level IEDs.

▪          Armtrac 100-350 Mk2

This tractor-like machine is a cost-effective explosive ordnance disposal solution. It can pave the route, detect explosives, and also work as a clearance vehicle. It features a 3m tiller and flail header that can cut thick vegetation and process the ground up to 40 cm simultaneously.

Armtrac 100-350 can be controlled both directly and remotely.

▪          Armtrac Roller

Armtrac Roller is a tool specially designed to protect detection and clearance vehicles from victim-operated explosive devices. It is attached to the vehicle’s front end, ideally an Armtrac 100-350, to locate and activate victim-operated explosive ordnance.

▪          Armtrac Sifter

Designed to be used with Armtrac 100-350, 75T-230, and 400, Armtrac Sifter is the next-generation tool that improves the efficiency of mine clearing processes. The tool can lift up tilled soil from up to 750mm depth. It also has Over Band Magnets that separate ferrous metals, landmines, and unexploded ordnance from the soil, in a holding bucket, for inspection and safe disposal. There is a Magnetic Head Roller as well that collects the ferrous metals that the band magnet may have missed or dropped.

▪          Armtrac Strimmer

This unique tool comes in handy in areas where other clearance machines and tools fail. It features a single flail header that can be used both horizontally and vertically and is capable of reaching the most difficult places for cutting heavy vegetation.


Armtrac is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of counter explosive ordnance machines and tools. With its innovative and state-of-the-art products, Armtrac is making a valuable contribution to the efforts of clearing the world of all the explosives lying unexploded in the ground, posing a constant threat to humans, animals, and the environment alike.