Saudi Arabia Order for Armtrac 100-350 Mk2s

Saudi Arabia Order for Armtrac 100-350 Mk2s

Armtrac Ltd is on contract to build 8 x A100-350 Mk2s for the Saudi Land Forces during mine roller2018.  These machines are designed to clear unexploded ordnance (UXO) on unsafe routes & areas and Armtrac Ltd has 18 years of experience in building machines for demining and associated tasks such as Bomb Search & Detection and Route Proving & Clearance.  Together with the Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller system fitted to the front of the machine, the A100-350 Mk2 can prove potentially hazardous routes where there is a possibility of victim operated devices being present.  If a device is triggered by the roller system, there is then a probability of such devices being present and a clearance system, such as a demining tiller or flail fitted on the rear of the machine, can be activated to start the clearance process.  Alternatively, Armtrac can supply a Bomb Search and Detection system to put on the rear of the machine, such as Ground Probing Radar, but Saudi has decided not to pursue this mine rolleroption.

One of the key features of the Armtrac 100-350 Mk2 is its ability to operate in both directions as a direct control machine with the operator inside the armoured cabin facing in the direction of travel whether moving forwards or backwards. Alternatively, the whole system can be operated by remote control at a safe distance from the potential threat which is particularly relevant if the A100-350 comes under direct fire.

The seat inside the A100-350 can swivel through 180 degrees to allow the operator tomine roller drive the machine forwards operating the C-IED Mine Roller System and backwards operating the flail or tiller system depending on the perceived threat.

The Armtracs are being delivered one each month with the 8th one predicted to be shipped in November 18.  Training has already taken place in Country for the first 4 machines although further training will take place later in 2018 to increase the number of qualified operators.

mine rollerOur engineering team has many years of experience in the design and use of mine clearance machines and we pride ourselves in our on-going research and development programme for demining and other UXO clearance operations. We work closely with clients across the world with the supply of our demining machinery for use on military clearance operations in conflict zones as well as with commercial and NGO organisations operating in post-conflict environments.

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