Maintenance Programme For Armtrac Demining Machine Fleet In Egypt

Maintenance Programme For Armtrac Demining Machine Fleet In Egypt

There are about 21 million land-mines in Egypt, in the area from Alexandria to the border with Libya, laid by the allies and German troops during WW2. There are compelling reasons for removing them with the humanitarian aspect being the most important one: thousands of Egyptian civilians have been killed and maimed by landmines. Since records have been kept in 1981 there have been over 8000 victims of explosions including over 800 fatalities. The Egyptian Government is determined to put an end to the suffering of its nationals residing in the contaminated region and stop the suffering that the Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) have caused so far.

Furthermore, the North West Coast (NWC) region and its desert hinterland, are known to have immense natural resources including over half a million acres suitable for agriculture and about three million acres suitable for grazing and agro industrial activities as well as huge mineral resources and a great potential for tourism. By removing the threat of WW2 ERW, the full development potential of the NWC will be realised.  This will allow greater numbers of Egyptians to resettle in the NWC region, famous for its moderate climate all year around, which in turn will have a positive impact on the national economy overall because of the job opportunities expected to be created from the ambitious planned development.

Demining in Egypt

Armtrac have supplied 5 mine clearing machines to assist with this massive humanitarian demining project since 2012 (4 x Armtrac 400s and 1 x Armtrac 75T-230s).  The Company maintains a close and special relationship with the Egyptian end users in order to ensure that any problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.  During February 2018, the Company conducted a major maintenance and refurbishment programme of all the machines at the Cairo workshop to ensure full equipment updates have been installed and all demining machines are in full working order.  This reinforces the company’s commitment to long term customer care and high quality maintenance and repair support to all of its clients.

Demining In Egypt


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