Expodefensa 2019 in Colombia

Expodefensa 2019 in Colombia

HALL 18 – 23 : STAND  1288

Armtrac Ltd, based in Cambridgeshire UK is participating in Expodefensa 2019, Bogota on MGD’s C-IED/Demining Stand No 1288.  The company manufactures quality, safe and value for money mechanical equipment to counter the threat from Explosive Ordnance (EO) including landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Booby Traps.  As an ISO 9001:2015 company, Armtrac provides quality mechanical solutions using remote controlled technology and on some of the larger machines, an operator’s cabin as well to provide a “bird’s eye” view of clearance operations.  All equipments use hydraulic quick hitch couplings to attach a variety of Counter-EO and engineering toolkits quickly. Armtrac products can not only mitigate the effects of EO but also operate in secondary engineering & construction roles as well.

Sales during 2018/19 included supplying 8 wheeled A100-350 Mk2s to Saudi Arabia with Armtrac’s C-IED Mine Roller System on the front and a clearance toolkit(Tiller/Flail) on the rear should a victim operated device be encountered on an intended route.   The A100 vehicle can operate toolkits or detection equipment, including Ground Probing Radar (GPR), in both directions with the operator facing in the direction of travel because the operator’s seat & controls can swivel through 180 degrees.

Use invitation code XEXC19 on the Expo Website to come and see the Armtrac 20T Mk2 Robot which will be on display at the exhibition. It is a remote controlled Small (Heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) designed to undertake high risk investigation and De-mining/C-IED clearance operations.  Four of these A20Ts are accredited and operating in Colombia to support operations to clear terrorist IEDs in challenging terrain. The Robot can be fitted with surface and sub-surface C-EO equipment, detection systems (including GPR) and an advanced manipulator for investigating and analysing the threat.

Armtrac prides itself on producing innovative solutions to a variety of different threats and can design and manufacture for bespoke requirements; this includes C-IED Mine Roller Systems for APCs in service with different nations.  Feel free to drop by our stand and discuss your specific requirements.