Demining Robots from Armtrac

Demining Robots from Armtrac

If you are working in the demining industry, it’s possible that you may eventually find yourself in a high-risk environment. While this situation could be extremely challenging and dangerous, you can ensure safety and increase precaution via the technology that is available from Armtrac by using demining robots.

Armtrac’s demining robots are our most popular products, and rightfully so. These unmanned vehicles become the eyes and ears as you sit a safe distance away and direct the unmanned ground vehicles with a handheld device. With our demining robots, not only do we provide convenience, but we also make sure that there’s no compromise on the efficiency of the work being carried out either.

From Armtrac there are a range of demining robot options available. You can take your pick from our following collection:

  • A20T Robot
  • A75t-230
  • A100-350
  • A400

These robots are designed and created with specific purposes in mind. However, if you need demining robots that perform more than one function, have a look at our most dynamic products:

Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 - Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Armtrac 20T is a dependable and highly flexible device with multi-faceted features. What’s more is that it is cost-effective, saving you money on other equipment and lower running costs than larger Robots. Armtrac 20T C-IED is a remote-controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) which can be fitted with a plethora of toolkits to perform a set of dynamic functions. You can attach a demining flail or a tiller and also give it a rear robotic arm with various attachments. In fact we are the only manufacturer in the world that can fit toolkits front and rear concurrently on a small UGV. You can use this demining robot to detect with a detector system or use an IED disruptor. You can send it up to 1000 m away over rough terrain where its 74 HP diesel water-cooled Kohler engine can operate for lengthy periods.

Armtrac 75t-230

Armtrac 75t-230 is a medium sized UGV  which is larger but an equally functional demining robot offered by Armtrac. This demining enigma comes with a hydraulically operated tiller rotor and clears nearly 1,100 square meters and 35cm of depth in an hour.  The Armtrac 75t-230 also comes with a flail and/or tiller. The Armtrac 75t-230 can counter 8kg  Anti-tank mines and can continue operating if the AT mine explodes. Once you have analysed the threat you are dealing with, the Armtrac 75t-230 maybe the most effective.

This robust demining robot is fully remote controlled and the demining team can perform their job efficiently and flawlessly while remaining a very safe distance away, alternatively you can stay in the fully armoured, sound-proof, and air-conditioned cabin if you want this as an option.

Armtrac 100-350 Mk2

The Armtrac 100-350 Mk2 is another hardwearing and fully remote-controlled demining robot by Armtrac. Its cabin is armoured to STANAG 4569 Level 1. This multipurpose vehicle can be used to work as a Route Proving and Clearance vehicle as well as a Bomb Search & Detection vehicle.

This demining robot comes with a 3m Tiller and Flail Header. You can also use the armoured, soundproof, and air-conditioned cabin when the situation demands it for route proving operations. For utmost protection, the tyres are foam-filled and all the key parts shielded and protected by armour.


Armtrac is dedicated to providing the most high-end and advanced demining equipment. The demining robots are the solution to working seamlessly and efficiently as well as providing safety for all those carrying out this activity in order to return lands of former conflict back to safety. And if that’s not enough, we make sure they are all cost-effective solutions.

Armtrac 400

The Armtrac400 is a large UGV and is the largest demining machine offered by Armtrac but is an equally versatile demining robot.  All Armtrac machines can be offered with remote control although the A400 is normally fitted with a cabin.  It can be used where the threat involves larger or double stacked anti-tank mines.