Demining Machinery – The Ones You Need

Demining Machinery – The Ones You Need

According to UNICEF, approximately 110 million landmines are still present in 64 countries across the world. These can remain active for 50 years. Most of the time, these landmines outlive even the ones who placed them.

Landmines have led to causalities, taking innocent, unsuspecting victims with it. All around the world, official, unofficial, and humanitarian demining efforts have been carried out for several years. During the period when humanitarian demining was being piloted there were unnecessary accidents but soon it became more regulated.

Over time, there has been a steady improvement in procedures, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training.  Difference methodologies, including demining machinery, have been tested and approved and the demining procedure has become faster, safer, and much more efficient. If you have only recently joined the industry and looking for the most suited machinery for the task, here’s some information about Armtrac’s products.

The following are the top demining machinery and tools provided by Armtrac that can help to expedite the clearance process:

1.     Armtrac 20T C-IED Robot

20T C-IED Robot by Armtrac is a remote-controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). One of the biggest benefits of this machinery is its versatility. With this small yet robust and reliable demining machinery, you can separate your operators from the threat and conduct Technical Survey and area reduction with less risk.

The A20T C-IED and demining Robot is also highly flexible and can be fitted with a range of toolkits to make the work easier and faster. You can attach a detector system to its front and an IED disruptor on its rear. The 74 HP diesel water cooler allows the robot to detect and demine for hours, without the need for re-fueling. The possibilities of demining with this machinery are endless.


  • Support for C-IED and demining operations
  • Support to Route Clearance operations
  • Surface/Sub-surface IED and landmine Disposal

2.     Armtrac Rotary Mine Comb

Most mechanical operations create a significant amount of dust particularly in desert areas. In such cases, you need a tool that can dig and demine landmines with minimum dust. Armtrac’s Rotary Mine Comb works by digging deeply and gently and then lifting the buried objects. The comb then proceeds to deposit the objects out of the vehicle’s path which can be dealt with at a later stage by EOD operators.

3.     Armtrac 10-W4

There are also some cost-effective options for reconnaissance work. However, with Armtrac, cheap doesn’t mean inept. Armtrac 10-W4 is another fully remote-controlled UGV that works as smart surveillance machinery.

It’s one of the best investments for those who need a small remote scout to detect problems or threats in confined areas or under vehicles. This small and reliable UGV saves you from tons of extra work by detecting hidden threats at a safe distance.


  • Truck type wheels with w/rubber tires
  • 75:1 gear ratio for maximum torque
  • Robust aluminium chassis


Landmines are the part of our past, but one that continues to hinder our futures. There are countries such as Angola with lands that are rich in minerals. However, landmines keep the country from growing and expanding. The same goes for farming, schooling, and other public service buildings, that are prevented from existing because of the presence of landmines.

Invest in smarter demining machines for a brighter future.