Ammunition Disposal: Remote Robots for Demining

Ammunition Disposal: Remote Robots for Demining

Armtrac’s Remote Robots

Ammunition disposal is quite possibly one of the most perilous activities a human can perform. Demining Robots can go where humans would dread to step - where the danger of death or injury is risked with each move. This is where demining and ammunition disposal robots are not only safer, but arguably, better.

The use of Ammunition disposal robots to securely disable explosive ordnance has been in place for over four decades now. These demining robots work as a remote presence for the bomb disposal experts, or "bomb doctors," as referred to within the British Army. This permits them to look at devices closely, without placing themselves or others at serious risk.

It is not just UXO that the robots deal with, but also any kind of Improvised Explosive Device (IED)that could explode. This can incorporate any unexploded ordnance. Landmines are a genuine issue. In 1993 alone, 100,000 explosive devices were picked up, and 2.5 million land mines were set on the ground, for the most part in spaces of eastern Europe, particularly Bosnia and South East Asia. Demining is a hazardous and expensive activity. Demining Robots can pinpoint the area of the mines using Technical Survey, bypassing a massive part of the threat and cost to individuals.

Amtrac Manufactures a Range of Mine Clearance Equipment

The entirety of Armtrac's mine clearance equipment is made with the objective of finding and disposing of explosive threats correctly. We sustain the quality of our demining robots by performing numerous tests and inspections. Our Robot 20T equipment is in use with the Military Forces in Egypt and has been used in Colombia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and in the UK’s demining programme in the Falkland Islands; and our bigger machines have been used in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

That means our demining robots have universal use worldwide , and provides confidence to other prospective users.

Our remote control robot alternatives are exceptionally user-friendly. Our unmanned vehicles have a real-time camera and screen to provide further situational awareness and guarantee you have an exact idea regarding what's going on around the robot. This is supported by sub-surface demining tools, like a flail or tiller.

We realise that each explosive threat is unique; thus, you can also alter our demining robots with additions like an automated arm with a manipulator, disruptors, or detection gear (metal or Ground Probing Radar). This aids in recognising potential threats while the operator remains at a safe distance.

Whatever kind of danger you think you may experience, Armtrac have demining robots that can protect you. When our machines are fitted with a cabin, everything can be remotely controlled too. Operators of our demining robots can feel considerably safer whenever operating remotely. As explosive inside landmines can be very sensitive after being left in the ground for many years, remote demining robots can reduce risk.

Our Top Demining robot models

  • A20T C-IED Demining Robot
  • A75t-230
  • A100-350
  • A400

The Bottom Line

Our machines perform well even in the most difficult and troublesome terrains. So if you are confronted with a landmine operation mission that you are uncertain about how to handle, picking one of our demining robots is a great first step.

We likewise offer an engineering toolbox, so if there is ever an issue with your machine, you can fix it on the spot. Moreover, Armtrac offers support during its after-sales service.

To explore more about how we can help with mine and ammunition disposal and the entire demining process by visiting our website or getting in touch.