Demining Explosives And Unexploded Ordnance

Demining Explosives And Unexploded Ordnance

Even today, numerous places are still known to have mines and explosive material underground. This unexploded ordnance remains underground from earlier wars and conflicts, posing a threat to both people’s lives and the environment. Zimbabwe’s warning signs saying ‘beware of the landmines’ proves that the world is not yet free from this life-threatening danger. Some other examples of this terrifying reality are in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Angola, Colombia and the Philippines, to name a few. There is also still Unexploded Ordnance throughout some of Europe which remains from the two World Wars.


Demining is not something new, however military officials realised that after the conflicts or wars had ended, they had to remove the mines and explosives, so the idea of demining was developed and deployed during the 1990s.

With the advancement of technology, several new methods and types of machinery have been introduced to facilitate the demining procedures. Thus, ultimately the process of demining has evolved over the past few decades.


Armtrac is one of the leading companies that manufactures and designs machinery and equipment for demining purposes. As a result, we have services and products for demining all the explosive and unexploded ordnances you won’t find anywhere else. As a leading company, we have manufactured a wide range of machinery for the demining process to facilitate the removal of this threat throughout world.

Our products for demining include:

  • Tools
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • 12-month warranty of all equipment
  • Training for equipment maintenance
  • Hire/lease equipment

You  can choose to hire or lease our equipment  if do not want to buy the equipment. You can pay per calendar day charges, get the machinery on a lease, and return it after completing your demining project. Armtrac also provides a 12-month warranty for all of its tools and machinery for people’s convenience.

Armtrac offers a wide range of tools for the clearance of explosives and unexploded ordnance. All Armtrac machinery can carry out technical survey to identify any kind of explosive ordnance or landmines. Mechanical demining can then be carried out with or without follow up manual or canine search depending on the level of threat identified.

Tools that can be attached to Armtrac equipment are:

  • Tiller tool
  • Flail Tool
  • Robotic Arm with digging bucket, manipulator and/or grapple
  • Disruptor or Exploder
  • Rotary Mine Comb
  • Other accessories such as front loading buckets, dozer blades, fork lift tines or segregators.


  • Armtrac 20T Robot – Designed for smaller tasks and confined areas where the larger machines cannot operate. Unlike competitor smaller machines, it can mount toolkits front and rear simultaneously ready for immediate operation.
  • Armtrac 75t-230 – A medium sized UGV designed so that multiple toolkits can be attached to it for demining and removal of explosive ordnance.
  • Armtrac 100-350 – A large wheeled machine designed for detection of Victim Operated IEDs and clearance of unexploded ordnance. This type of machinery can accommodate many needs for the clearance of explosive ordnance.
  • Armtrac 400 – A large tracked machine to which you can easily connect various toolkits to dispose of the explosive ordnance and landmines, etc.
  • Armtrac Sifter – Designed for towing behind the Armtrac 400, 100-350 and the Armtrac 75T-230, lifting the tilled soil from a depth of 750mm and can process up to 5000 square metres per hour.
  • Armtrac Mine Comb – is a unique and innovative method of Anti-Tank mine extraction. It gently lifts buried objects from the soil and pushes them to the side of the vehicles path, where they may be collected and contained or detonated safely.  It is also used for anti-personnel mines.
  • Strimmer –Designed to operate in high vegetation where unexploded ordnance is covered or hidden. Once exposed by the strimmer, other disposal methods can be employed

The Armtrac range of equipment offers the complete land and route mechanical toolbox for both clearance and technical survey of unexploded ordnance.

The Armtrac products can not only mitigate the effects of Exploded Ordnance but also operate in secondary engineering & construction roles as well. Armtrac prides itself on producing innovative solutions to a variety of different threats and can design and manufacture for bespoke requirements.