Need Help with Ammunition Disposal?

Need Help with Ammunition Disposal?

No matter how long an area of land has been left alone following a conflict, there will still be a high risk of death or injury from hidden explosive devices and abandoned munitions. Armtrac can provide a wide range of ammunition disposal equipment which can assist in mine clearance.

Destroyed on site

With our land clearance demining vehicles and ammunition disposal equipment they have the capacity to carry out ammunition removal/neutralisation.

Destroying these ammunitions on-site is also good for raising the level of public confidence and transparency in companies handling the conversion of former conflict land back to land for community use.

 Ammunition disposal equipment specialists

Armtrac is an ammunition disposal equipment manufacturer based in Cambridgeshire in the UK that specialises in the manufacture of machinery for the safe disposal of unexploded ordnance and ammunition left behind in former conflict zones.

We have the knowledge, the expertise and the cutting-edge equipment necessary to locate and safely destroy explosive devices and ammunitions that pose a hazard to life and limb.

You can take a look at our comprehensive range of unmanned ground vehicles and mine clearance products that show the innovative approach we have to hazardous ordnance and ammunition disposal.

Our bespoke designs for our unmanned ground vehicles means we can minimise safety risks to the public, to clearance operatives and the vehicle driver. We also have the ability to operate our vehicles without the need for a manned operator; we can carry out our land clearance and mine disposal from a safe distance using remote control operation.

 Utilising our services

Because we design and manufacture land clearance vehicles, machinery and components, our unique services are flexible and adaptable for use across many different sectors. We can supply equipment that can safely undertake tasks that would otherwise pose serious risk or injury or death to humans.

As well as our land clearance vehicles, we also design and manufacture tools and devices that can fit onto vehicles such as armoured vehicles and tanks to help protect your staff while on the move across ground that may contain hidden explosive devices.

Armtrac field support services

When you work with us for your land decommissioning project we will supply you with all of the documentation and operational manuals for your machinery or equipment that you need completely free of charge.

Our range of demining machines come with a 12-month spares and first-line replacement parts package.

However, just because we design and build our bespoke range of demining equipment doesn't mean that you need to return to us every time you need a replacement part. Many of the machine components we use in our builds are provided by world-wide supply companies which means that your replacement components are easily available and don't necessarily need to be shipped to you from the UK.

Armtrac Ltd is committed to a programme of continuous improvement as part of its ISO 9001:2008 process. We welcome your feedback to help us to continue to improve our customer services and evolve further to meet with customer needs and demands.

 Maintenance and training support

We recommend that all Armtrac equipment is maintained by a mechanic or trained operator. We are happy to provide all the training necessary for your long term maintenance needs.

Your vehicle and tool documentation will specify servicing advice and maintenance recommendations, however, we do suggest that your equipment undergoes a daily inspection to check for worn or damaged tools that may need replacing.

Do not hesitate to contact us or call our team today on 01638 743979 for help and advice about our ammunition disposal services or our ground clearance vehicles and tool kits.