How Munition Disposal Companies Work

How Munition Disposal Companies Work

Munition disposal companies mainly deal with the safe removal and disposal of explosive devices such as landmines, unexploded ordnance and buried ammunition stockpiles that pose a potential threat to life.

Most specialist companies use a wide variety of ground clearance methods to actively demine an area of land that is needed to be cleared and handed back to the community in ex-conflict zones and for the clearance of old bomb sites for re-use where there may still be some explosive devices present.

Depending on the nature of the environment and the activities that were carried out in the area, it may not be possible to manually demine the area. Alternatively, the demining project may be time sensitive and needs to be speeded up. This is where mechanical demining equipment can be really helpful. Armtrac manufactures demining machines that can work in areas of deep scrub where vegetation may mask the presence of explosives and can be missed by manual inspections or increase the threat to deminers.

Armtrac’s demining equipment is very effective for clearing landmines where there is a lot of vegetation clearance and rubble removal. Where there is a high risk of detonating hidden explosive devices, Amtrac manufacture and can provide remote controlled demining equipment that can safely go into these areas without any risk to the machine operator or driver.

Technical Survey (TS) as outlined in IMAS 08.22 provides a physical intrusive process into a hazardous area and will normally give an informed assessment of the land clearance needs; it is, therefore, an essential element of the demining process. It confirms the presence of mines or Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and better defines the extent and type of UXO threat that is present. Technical Survey also assists in area reduction which improves the efficiency of the Land Release process. Mechanical demining equipment, such as those designed and manufactured by Armtrac, is ideal for undertaking Technical Survey because it can be achieved quickly and safely.
Our Amtrac engineering team has many years of experience in the design and use of mine clearance machines. We pride ourselves in our on-going research and development programme. We work closely with clients across the world with the supply of our demining machinery for use by military clearance operations in conflict zones as well as assisting with the clearance of Ministry of Defence firing ranges in the United Kingdom.

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