Armtrac 20T MK2 Equipment


Armtrac 20T MK2 Equipment


The Armtrac 20T Mk2 Robot is a flexible, cost effective, remote controlled Small (Heavy) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). It can be fitted with a variety
of toolkits including a demining flail, tiller and rear
excavator equipped with different attachments. In CIED operations, a detector system can be mounted on the front and an IED disruptor can be fitted on the rear arm. It has a 74 HP diesel water cooled Kohler engine which can operate for several hours continuously without refuelling. All hydraulic hoses and couplings are internationally common.

Armtrac 20T Robot is capable of performing these roles:


Conventional Demining & EO Clearance OperationsCounter-IED Operations
• Technical Survey and EO Reconnaissance
• Mechanical clearance where there is restricted
access for larger mechanical equipment
• Vegetation cutting prior to manual or canine
assisted demining
• Small clearance operations & area reduction
• Support to C-IED operations
• Support to Route Clearance operations
• Surface/Sub-surface IED Disposal
• Mechanical Surrogate Scout for Dismounted
Foot Patrols


The Armtrac 20T Mk2 has heavy duty rubber tracks producing a ground bearing pressure of less than 5 PSI but
can be fitted with wider tracks for softer terrain. It is very employable in challenging terrain where larger machines
cannot access because it is small, manoeuvrable and can climb, descend and traverse 45° slopes & deep gullies due
to its low centre of gravity & power. The UGV itself weighs 2230 Kg.


The Armtrac 20T is operated using a control station. The control station transmits
operator demands to the UGV and facilitates operation of the UGV by displaying key
vehicle data. The Robot can be fitted with video feedback from up to four on board
cameras; one camera is situated forward and a second situated at the rear. The other two
are mounted on the Rear Excavator and Manipulator Arm to aid detailed remote investigation. When cameras are fitted, the LED display unit will be situated on the control unit with a protective surround to reduce glare or in a peli-case.


The Tiller tool spins at 600 - 800 RPM and has a clearance width of 1515mm (Flail 1476mm). It is
attached using a quick hitch coupling. It clears
Explosive Ordnance (EO), including anti-personnel
mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) by detonation or by shattering the EO so it cannotfunction. The tiller can achieve clearance depths down to 150 mm depth or 200 mm in softer soil & has been tested against 2Kg of explosives (left). This tool is also an efficient vegetation cutter up to 35mm diameter when used in conjunction with manual or canine search and clearance techniques.


The hydraulic Backhoe Excavator can be fitted onto the
rear of the Armtrac 20T using a quick hitch system. The
backhoe can attach a Grapple or a Manipulator Grab for investigating suspect EO or moving EO to a safer location for further investigation or render safe procedures. Alternatively, the excavator can operate a standard Scrape Bucket for exposing buried EO/IEDs or constructing trenches to mitigate the effects of EO and a vegetation cutting strimmer. The Manipulator Grab, Grapple, Scrape Bucket and the Strimmer can all be exchanged rapidly using standard tools.



A Disruptor or Exploder for disposing of surface IEDs can be fitted to
the Excavator to give additional capability. To complement this and other requirements, the close up camera system fitted on the Excavator
provides a live video link to the operator. The Armtrac 20T is sufficiently robust and agile enough to move across country and provide asurrogate scout for dismounted foot patrols; in this role it would enhance situational awarenessand stand-off detection of threats.
However, in mechanised operations, it could equally be transported on a standard 3.5 ton trailer and be prepared for operations within minutes of identifying a potential threat for survey, investigation or render safe

The Armtrac 20T is inherently flexible and can clear UXO from
hard surfaces and runways. However it is also a powerful
workhorse for light engineering tasks and when a forward mounted
bucket (and/or forklift tines) are attached, it can undertake small
construction tasks and remove loads or supect devices up to 1300 Kg

The Rotary Mine Comb can extract anti-tank & anti-personnel mines from 20 cm depth without creating dust andwith better fuel consumption. It removes mines outside the Robot path for collection and disposal later without
incurring any damage to the mines.



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