Unmanned Ground Vehicle Manufacturer

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Manufacturer

What is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)?
An Unmanned Ground Vehicle, commonly referred to as a UGV is a vehicle that operates while in contact with the ground, without the need for a person to be on board.
It is most often used in situations where it may be dangerous or just unsafe for a person to get too close to a particular location and it provides a means of separating the operator from the perceived threat.

What UGVs do we have available?

The Armtrac 20T Robot

Product Outline - A flexible, cost effective, fully remote controlled UGV.


  • Its heavy duty rubber tracks means it can challenge tougher terrain.
  • Because of its small size it easy to manoeuvre, and also has the ability to climb 45 degree slopes and deep gullies.
  • It has a 1.5m wide flail tool which consists of 33 hammers and chains that have the ability to clear depths down to 150mm. The Armtrac 20T Mk2,with its more powerful engine,can operate a tiller as well.
  • Due to its robust and agile nature it is the perfect accompaniment for dismounted foot patrols in order to enhance situational awareness and detect any threats that may occur.
  • It has a 1.5m wide Rotary Mine Comb that can extract anti tank mines without creating dust and using minimal fuel per hour.

The Armtrac 10-W6

Product Outline – A Miniature,fully remote controlled UGV, designed for reconnaissance and investigation of suspect items or areas.


  • Six Large wheels for traversing difficult terrain and obstacles
  • 34:1 gear ratio for maximum torque and traction
  • Robust aluminium chassis to which a mini gripper can be fitted
  • HD camera system for relaying critical information to the operator
  • Advanced electronics option to make robot programmable for autonomous missions

Want to know more about the features of the Armtrac 20T Robot or the Armtrac 10-W6?

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