Landmine Clearance and C-IED Machinery

Landmine Clearance and C-IED Machinery

What is landmine clearance machinery

Landmine clearance machinery is equipment that aids the clearance of landmines. To conduct landmine clearance quickly and efficiently, good landmine clearance machinery is recommended. The type of equipment used will depend on the specifics of the requirement, terrain and what UXO needs to be removed.  UXO may include Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and many of our mechanical equipments are versatile enough to provide Counter-IED (C-IED) solutions as well as landmine clearance.

Creating better landmine clearance machinery

In the past, landmine clearance had a reputation of being unsafe and unreliable. Over the last 25 years companies like Armtrac and others have dedicated themselves to creating better landmine clearance equipment. Mine clearance is a hazardous undertaking when not properly equipped, so it’s essential to get the best machines to create the most favourable outcomes. Manual demining on its own can be extremely slow, but good demining machines can assist in finding and destroying dangerous mines during Technical Survey and demining activity. Armtrac hope to ensure that any mine clearance carried out with our machines is done thoroughly and accurately. This is why we have worked hard to create quality landmine clearance machinery that can assist in effective demining.

At Armtrac, we want to not only create landmine clearance machinery that works, but machinery that functions highly effectively. We believe, along with many others, that our steps towards increased innovation in the field of landmine clearance, will one day result in a world that is free from landmines and the terrible destruction that they cause. We are truly on a mission to keep communities safe through the demining machinery we create...

Types of landmine clearance and C-IED machinery

There are various types of landmine clearance and C-IED machinery, and some function better in particular scenarios. For example, some landmine clearance equipment will be well suited to dry and rocky terrain, whereas other landmine clearance and C-IED machinery may operate better where there is an overgrowth of tough vegetation.

Armtrac understands that there are unique requirements for every demining mission, which is why we have created landmine clearance machinery suitable for all types of Mine Action projects. We keep in mind the types of things that those using our equipment may encounter, and work tirelessly to ensure that we offer them the best solutions.

Furthermore, we approach the designing and creating of landmine clearance machinery not only from a theoretical point of view, but also from a practical point of view. This is helped by the fact that Armtrac is made up of both people who are qualified in engineering, but also those who have worked first-hand with landmine clearance and C-IED machinery. Our technical expertise regarding landmine clearance machinery, coupled with our practical experience in real-life scenarios, means that we are able to make machines that really make a difference. With the help of our highly skilled workers, we have been able to create some of the best machines around the world. By using landmine clearance and C-IED machinery, such as the kind offered by Armtrac, we know that you’ll be able to successfully carry out mine clearance and C-IED activities.

Armtrac’s landmine clearance machinery

Armtrac’s landmine clearance machinery has been tested to make sure that we are offering people the best quality and value that we possibly can. Our machines come in a variety of specifications, so whatever kind of demining you’re planning on doing, we will have a piece of equipment that works for you.

When it comes to landmine clearance and C-IED machinery, we think that you should only opt for the best. This is why Armtrac makes landmine clearance and C-IED machinery that is suitable for a number of budgets, but all equally capable of carrying out demining. We wanted to create a range of landmine clearance machinery that is effective and affordable, and we have been successful in doing so.

Some of our landmine clearance equipment includes:

  • Armtrac Mine Sifter
  • Armtrac Rotary Mine Comb
  • Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller System
  • Armtrac Strimmer

We are happy to report that safe mine clearance has been carried out when using our landmine clearance machinery. We hope that this gives you further reassurance that our landmine clearing machines are suitable for any demining project that you are looking to undertake.

If you’re new to purchasing or using landmine clearance machinery, Armtrac is able to offer you our help and advice on the right kind of mechanical equipment and sometimes we suggest Commercial Off the Shelf (COS) equipment in certain scenarios. Although our landmine clearance machinery comes with a comprehensive manual and helpful documentation, we encourage you to email or call us if you ever find yourself struggling to cater for a particular scenario. We are always happy to answer any questions you have, and if you have any problems with a piece of machinery you have purchased from us, we are always willing to discuss and advise. Furthermore, we can offer you service, support, and a 12 month warranty, so you can feel confident that you are getting quality landmine clearance machinery.

Contact Armtrac about landmine clearance and C-IED machinery

If you’re still trying to work your way through the complex world of landmine clearance and C-IED machinery, our team are more than happy to offer our assistance. With Armtrac’s help, you will soon be on your way to completing your next demining or C-IED mission.

If you’d like to learn more about any of Armtrac’s landmine clearance and C-IED machinery, get in touch today. We can tell you more about our expertly crafted pieces of equipment and even advise as to what would work best for your individual needs.

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