Landmine Clearance Equipment

Landmine Clearance Equipment

Armtrac's range of landmine clearance equipment

Amtrac Strimmer

The Armtrac Strimmer has a bespoke design which allows it to reach difficult areas that even some of our other machines can’t get to. As with our other machinery, the Strimmer is armoured so that it is able to withstand the blast from an unplanned anti-tank mine explosion. The digger blade also doubles as a protection shield from any debris.
A major benefit of the Strimmer design is that it has the same standard quick fit industry fittings which allows it be attached to different commercial machines where appropriate, and both the Armtrac 400 and 75T-230. A smaller version of the strimmer can be attached to the rear backhoe excavator of the Armtrac 20T Mk1 and 2 which allows it to operate between trees in dense vegetation areas. Cutting the vegetation mechanically will remove potential booby traps and will allow follow-up manual detection and clearance techniques to be employed.

Armtrac Mine Comb

The Armtrac Mine Comb has a unique anti-tank mine extraction ability which involves lifting buried objects from the soil and pushing them to the side of the vehicle's path where they can be collected and neutralised safety. This mine comb is flexible enough to operate with all of Armtrac’s machines.

Armtrac Roller

The Armtrac Roller System is designed to provide a level of confidence when travelling along routes that may be potentially dangerous because of victim operated devices. Because each wheel on the roller system is identical and interchangeable, it makes them quick and easy to replace whenever needed. The roller banks, consisting of 7 rollers on both sides, are also identical and interchangeable as a complete unit and can be placed on either side of the roller system.

A useful feature of the Armtrac roller is that when you are not route proving, the rollers can be lifted off the ground to allow higher speed and greater flexibility.

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