Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment: History and Importance

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment: History and Importance

What is explosive ordnance?

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment is needed to solve the problem of explosive ordnance. Explosive ordnance (EO) are items of military ammunition. They may include:

  • Landmines
  • Bombs
  • Shells
  • Grenades
  • other improvised explosive devices (IED) and booby traps

Explosive Ordnance is used by all three services (Armies, Navies and Air Forces). 

Explosive Ordnance may becomeExplosive Remnants of War (ERW), if it is fired (or deployed in the case of landmines and IEDs) and it fails to function as designed.  Explosive Remnants of War can maim, or even kill, those who stumble across them.

Although Explosive Remnants of War are extremely dangerous and can cause harm, explosive ordnance disposal equipment helps to locate and remove these threats.

Armtrac supply Counter Explosive Ordnance equipment which means citizens don’t have to live in fear of mines or other Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) any longer. Our thoroughly tested equipment neutralises unexploded ordnance in a safe manner.  

History of explosive ordnance

Origins of explosive ordnance 

The inception of landmines can be traced all the way back to 850 B.C. Although there were no landmines as we know them today, a process was used that involved tunnelling underground. These tunnels were reinforced with wooden supports, that could then be burned, causing the land to collapse and people to be potentially injured. 

Black powder 

In 850 A.D., Chinese alchemists experimented with using black powder, otherwise known as gunpowder. Although there was a lot of experimentation using the substance, it was not yet integrated into weaponry.

In the following years, Medieval Europe came to use the black powder in missiles. As manufacturing methods developed further, the powder could also be used in cannons and explosive mines. 

Modern explosive ordnance 

With advances in technology and engineering, there are increasingly sophisticated forms of anti-personnel mines (AP mines) and explosive ordnance being used. This calls for even better explosive ordnance disposal equipment. 

Although there are many different types of landmines, they break down into the following general categories:

  • Anti Personnel (AP) or Anti Vehicle (AV) Mines
  • Blast or Fragmentation Mines
  • Conventional Explosive or Chemical/Nuclear Mines
  • Pressure initiated or Other means of initiation

Importance of explosive ordnance disposal equipment 

Having quality explosive ordnance disposal equipment is important for land release operations. It allows operations to be conducted successfully and for real threats to be eliminated. UXOs can be unstable and therefore come with a very real risk. Some are so sensitive that environmental factors like weather conditions and temperature can affect the devices. 

It can be hard to determine exactly what kind of threat a UXO poses, and devices may well have exacerbating chemical, biological, or even nuclear impacts. Consequently, having accurateNon Technical and Technical Survey Information together with well-rounded explosive ordnance disposal equipment is needed.

UXO prevalence statistics

  • Laos is one of the most heavily bombed countries in the world, with over 20 million UXOs.
  • It is estimated that 80 million UXOs need to be defused in Laos.
  • Germany has about 2,000 tons of World War II munitions found each year.
  • An estimated 1 in 5 munitions from the American Civil War did not explode, and can still be found today.
  • In 2010, around 5000 UXOs were found in England, demonstrating that unexploded ordnance disposal equipment is needed not just for land release operations abroad, but also for counteracting threats closer to home.
  • 6500 people are killed or injured each year by explosive ordnance.
  • According to Unicef, children account for a fifth of landmine victims.
  • Explosive devices from World War I and World War II can still be dangerous today. In 2014, a German farmer was killed after his shovel encountered a bomb.

Who needs explosive ordnance disposal equipment ?

Armtrac provides a number of organisations with suitable equipment to uncover explosive ordnance. Our help has extended to:

  • Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Charities
  • Humanitarian groups
  • Governments
  • Defence departments
  • Security forces

However, we know that there may be other organisations that may be interested in purchasing explosive ordnance disposal equipment, so if you are looking to eliminate mines in an area, we encourage you to get in touch. 

Explosive ordnance disposal equipment options

Specialist engineers are often needed to extract landmines. These technicians have to undergo thorough training so that they keep themselves and others out of danger. However, even the most experienced people can struggle if they do not have the right equipment to support them. Armtrac’s work with explosive ordnance disposal equipment contributes to the overall  demining operation and allows them to happen smoothly and safely.

Our Counter Explosive Ordnance (C-EO) technology includes equipment such as :

  • Armtrac Tillers and Flails
  • Armtrac Mine Sifter
  • Armtrac Rotary Mine Comb
  • Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller System
  • Armtrac Strimmer

Although our Counter explosive ordnance equipment can function incredibly well by themselves, you may benefit from a more bespoke solution for your machine. Our accessories include:

  • Additional cameras for better situational awareness
  • Accessories to enhance robotic arm operations such as Armtrac Grapple or Gripper

With these additions, you can ensure that your explosive ordnance disposal equipment is even better suited for your specific Counter Explosive Ordnance efforts. 

Contact us for explosive ordnance disposal equipment

At Armtrac, we continue to develop excellent machines that make finding and disposing of landmines easier. We always offer the most high performance solutions so that we can one day live in a mine-free world.Armtrac supports the landmine free 2025 campaign.

To purchase or rent one of our machines, contact us today calling +44 (0) 1638 743979 or emailing info@armtrac.net

We would love to help you conquer the threat of mines by supplying you with our explosive ordnance disposal equipment.