What makes us a unique Manufacturer of Equipment?

What makes us a unique Manufacturer of Equipment?

ArmtracLtd has a range of explosive ordnance disposal equipment that we manufacture for your demining needs. But first how about finding out about what makes us a unique manufacturer of equipment to clear explosive ordnance?

We are a privately owned company, founded by Stephen Brown who has been involved in the design, manufacture and operation of mine clearing machinery for over twenty years. Stephen has overseen many successful mine clearing operations around the world making him the ideal person to know what works within the mechanical demining industry.

Suppliers to many countries
ArmtracLtd have supplied, and continue to supply demining and Explosive Ordnance clearance machinery for use in many countries including USA, Albania, Bosnia, Chad, Croatia, Egypt, Falkland Islands, France, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan and the United Kingdom.

We have a unique offering
We consider ourselves to have a unique selling point for our customers, which is that we can provide you with both demining, explosive ordnance disposal and also engineering toolkits forthe same platform, meaning better value formoney for you!

We offer other services
As well as designing and manufacturing quality demining machinery, we carry out audits and reviews of the machines to ensure that they are always running to the highest efficiency. We can also offer advice on what equipment is best for the terrain you are operating over.

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