Who Trains EOD Operators in the UK?

Who Trains EOD Operators in the UK?

In the UK, explosive ordnance disposal or EOD technicians are found within the public services as well as working for private contractors.  Training for these roles is crucial because lives depend on it.  There are a few different paths to take to train as an EOD operator and here are some.

EOD operators with the services

The Royal Navy lead on EOD within their bases and below the high water mark and have trained divers to carry out this role.  They also specialise in naval weapons generally but they do contribute to supporting the Civil Authorities for EOD [specifically Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)] during peace and the Army for Assault EOD on deployed operations.

The Royal Air Force lead on EOD within their bases and specialise in air dropped munitions and unexploded ordnance in crashed aircraft.  Like the Royal Navy they contribute to the IEDD response in peace and on deployed operations.

The Army lead on EOD, including IEDD, in the land environment supporting the Civil Authorities in peace and spearheading Assault EOD on deployed operations. They also specialise in chemical, radiological and biological weapons, enemy air dropped weapons (including WW2 German Bombs), search for conventional and improvised devices and also EOD in water above the high water mark for which they have trained divers.

EOD operators in private services

Many companies working in unexploded ordnance disposal will also train their staff to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).  They will buy their equipment from a mine disposal manufacturer who will also offer training on the equipment that they manufacture.  This will ensure that people operating the equipment will do so in a safe and efficient way, reducing the risks for all involved.  This will often include demining ‘robots’ and also unmanned ground vehicles of various sizes and with a variety of different equipment on them to complete the required mine disposal task.

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