New From Armtrac; We’re Going To Hire Demining/C-IED Machines

New From Armtrac; We’re Going To Hire Demining/C-IED Machines

There is a new option if you come to Armtrac now for mechanical equipment to clear landmines and IEDs. You can hire a remote controlled A20T Mk2 on a calendar day rate for a minimum of 6 months rather than purchasing it. It will require a refundable deposit reimbursed on return to Armtrac. Armtrac will supply the following with the rented machine:

  • One toolkit (either tiller/ flail/ or
    mine comb).
  •  An operator/service engineer.
  • Routine servicing spares with
    the exception of POL and
    consumables (such as picks,
    holders, chains & hammers)

C-IED A20Ts Mk2s in Colombia and Iraq

There are now 4 x Armtrac 20T Mk2s accredited and deployed with Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Colombia. These are assisting in the clearance of mines and IEDs laid by FARC during the conflict. Three A20Ts are also deployed in urban areas of Northern Iraq following the IS defeat clearing building rubble which had been potentially booby trapped with IEDs.

Egypt MOD sign contract with Armtrac for 4 x A20T Mk2s for C-IED

In Apr 2019, Armtrac signed a contract with the Egyptian Armament Authority to supply four A20Ts for C-IED Operations. They will be equipped with Tiller, rear robotic arm with grapple, manipulator, sand blower, and vegetation strimmer. Supported by a digitally operated wi-fi camera system to provide situational awareness for the operator, the remote controlled UGVs will offer a complete suite of toolkits to combat a range of potential threats. The A20T can mount toolkits simultaneously on the front and rear of the machine
which increases flexibility and functionality; no other supplier can match this capability.

Come and see the Armtrac 20T Mk2 at DSEI London 10 – 13 Sep 19 on the UK DSO Showcase Stand Number S10-445

See the full newsletter here: 20190812 Armtrac Newsletter 2019 Issue 1