Demining, Demining Machines And Why They Are Important

Demining, Demining Machines And Why They Are Important


  • One person is injured by a landmine every twenty minutes in Africa.
  • Four children under the age of sixteen die every day In Afghanistan.
  • In Angola, buried landmines cover an area 420,000 square kilometres, which is bigger than Japan.
  • The first land mine usage is recorded in 1277 when the Chinese detonated them against the Mongols.

Because children are closer to the ground, they are more likely to be injured by a landmine blast, and often they mistake them for toys and try to pick them up. Children cannot read the danger signs.

Demining is a key output of what our products are used for, and essential for the welfare of servicemen and women and civilians in war torn Countries, and those Countries left with these insiduousremnants of war.

What is Demining?

Demining is the removal of mines. Landmines are usually buried under the ground and the majority are activated by pressure; so they are victim operated and stepping on, or driving over a landmine will set off an explosion if the landmine is still operational. Left behind after war or internal conflict, mines are prominent in places like Asia and Africa, oftensituated close to where families live and work. Children especially are oblivious to the risks associated with landmines, and by nature, they are also veryinquisitive. Demining is imperative for the preservation of their lives and that of their families too.

Demining Machines

How do demining machines fit into the equation? When you consider the very high risk to life associated with landmines, this of course also includes the people who are working to remove and clear those landmines, so every safety protection must be afforded to them. Demining equipment can either be remotely controlled, to separate the operator from the potential threat, or it can be equipped with an armoured cabin so that the demining machinery can be controlled directly by an operator on the demining equipment itself.  Mechanical demining machines are sometimes referred to as Minesweepers, mine clearance machines, mine action machines or simply demining robots.  Of course there are other important roles for demining machinery which helps to aid and speed up manual or canine demining techniques.  As well as ground processing, demining equipment is invaluable for technical survey to establish the nature and geographical profile of the threat and for ground preparation including vegetation cutting, loosening of soil or removal of excess debris where there has been a build-up of soil or sand above the threat due to environmental factors.

Armtrac 20T Robot - Unmanned Ground Vehicle

This particular unmanned ground vehicle comes with a selection of accessories that helps with the task of demining. It is remotely operated using a control station and can come with a surveillance camera to assist the operator. With the addition of a scraper, which can reveal buried mines and UXO, and a disruptor (exploder) fitted to the excavator, the Armtrac 20T can be used for Surface or Sub-surface IED Disposal.

You can read more  about the Armtrac 20T Robot and its  associated accessories here:

Armtrac 75T-230

The Armtrac 75T-230 is designed to destroy & withstand 10kg Anti-Tank mines. There area variety of toolkits available for clearing landmines and UXO. As well as a tiller and flail, the ArmtracMinecomb can extract buried mines and UXO down to 50 centimeters. A key feature of the A75T is its telescopic boom, which when fitted with an excavator / backhoe, can extend the reach of engineering and EOD activityout to 12 metres.

You can read more  about the Armtrac 75T-230 and its  associated accessories here:

Armtrac 100-350

The Armtrac 100-350 is not only a demining machine, but is road worthy too, meaning it is multi-purpose and therefore highly cost effective.  In particular, it can be used for proving routes by fitting the C-IED Mine Roller System where there is a possibility of a victim operated device being present or for clearing routes using GPR / metal detection systems together with mechanical demining equipment where there is a probability of an IED or landmine being present.There are many different demining and engineering toolkits that can be employed with the Armtrac 100-350 as well as tillers and flails. When the Armtrac Sifter or Minecomb is fitted to the rear of the machine, these can extracts items of potentially missed ordnance to 50 centimeters.

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Armtrac 400

The Armtrac 400 is the largest and most powerful of the Armtrac range. It has an hydraulically driven 3 meter Tiller rotor, and is capable of clearing 2,400 square meters per hour (depending on terrain & operator experience). With an effective tilling depth of 55 centimeters the Armtrac 400 is designed to destroy & withstand 10kg Anti- Tank mines.A key feature of the A400 (like the A75T) is its telescopic boom, which when fitted with an excavator / backhoe, can extend the reach of engineering and EOD activity out to 12 metres.

You can read more  about the Armtrac 400 and its  associated accessories here:

Armtrac manufacture the remote demining robots that help in rendering safe explosive items to assist in making armed forces and civilians safe. To find out more about Armtrac and our products and services, contact us or browse our site.