Safe and Effective Counter Explosive Ordnance Solutions from Armtrac

Safe and Effective Counter Explosive Ordnance Solutions from Armtrac

All munition devices contain explosives, and therefore pose a risk to human life and health, especially when they are hidden beneath the ground in former conflict zones.

Some explosive ordnance will also contain biological or chemical agents along with explosives, so extra precautions are needed when an area of land contains these agents.  However all explosive ordnance includingsmall arms ammunition, land mines, demolition charges, pyrotechnics, clusters bombs, cartridge and propellant actuated devices, and improvised explosive devices all need careful clearance procedures by qualified personnel.

Providing extra assets to land clearance teams

Most land clearance teams are given the responsibility of detecting and disposing of UXO that could be scattered far and wide across vast areas of former battlefields. The teams can sometimes face a mammoth task with limited assets, so will need additional support in their land clearance activities, especially where explosive ordnance is known to exist.

Multiple land clearance operations can face vast areas saturated with explosive ordnance that threaten the safety of the clearance personnel and the local community crossing the area or wishing to use the land.

Armtrac offers external support to land clearance operations with our range of counter explosive ordnance solutions. Our counter explosive ordnance products and equipment is specially designed and manufactured to deliver a safe solution for land clearance without risk to human life or limb.

Armtrac unmanned demining vehicles

We offer counter explosive ordnance machinery and tool kits for the safe detection and disposal of unexploded devices left behind in areas of former conflict. Our solutions include unmanned vehicles with a range of bolt-on tool kits and accessories that are easily fixed or replaced when needed.

You can learn more about our counter explosive ordnance products that we provide for anyone needing help with land clearance operations such as local government, police forces, armed forces or commercial bodies working in partnership towards reclaiming minefields and former conflict land to return it to the public, or for private or community use.

Dealing with UXO in the field

When land clearance teams positively identify hazards out in the field, they provide safety guidance for all team members, especially when they may discover explosive ordnance that cannot be destroyed by detonation.

Armtrac offers a range of different solutions for the safe detection and removal of UXO that cannot be destroyed on-site, such as the Armtrac Mine Comb that can be fitted to all Armtrac vehicles The digging action of the Rotary Mine Comb is an innovative method of extracting Anti-Tank mines.

The arms of the comb device act to slide underneath buried explosive ordnance from shallow soil and then gently lifts pushes the UXO to the side out of the way of the vehicle path. The unexploded ordnance can then be safely collected and rendered safe if it cannot be destroyed in-situ.

The Rotary Mine Comb can also be used with several different Armtrac land clearance vehicles in our range.

In-field UXO detonation

We also provide unmanned vehicles and bolt-on toolkits that are operated remotely from a safe distance for the effective detection and destruction of UXO out in the field. These solutions are to help prevent unsafe activities involved in land clearance that needlessly expose people to the dangers of hidden explosive ordnance.

There are often times where the location of explosive ordnance is extremely well hidden or the easy removal of explosive ordnance is impossible due to local and environmental issues. These can include UXO hidden within dense undergrowth, along river banks, under sand dunes or under rocky terrain that makes detection and safe removal an issue.

Armtrac can provide equipment to assist in the land clearance operation where detection and detonation of hidden UXO are conducted at the same time – all in one go. Once you have considered which areas to clear first, you can use our unmanned land clearance vehicles fitted with an appropriate toolkit to make the area safe by reducing areas of overgrown shrubs, disturbing and detonating any UXB in its path.

For example, the Armtrac Strimmer is designed to reach into areas of vegetation where it would be difficult or impossible to discover and remove unexploded ordnance without risk to human life. The flail action of the head operates horizontally and vertically to clear scrubland or go between rocks to uncover and destroy explosive ordnance that poses a risk to life.

Providing versatility and flexibility in the field

It is not uncommon for land clearance teams to come across UXO that can or cannot be destroyed by direct techniques. Whether you need to find a counter explosive ordnance solution that can be used in-field to safely detect and remove UXO without detonation to help preserve the land as much as possible, or its necessary to clear the area detonating as much UXO as possible, then Armtrac will have the perfect solution for you.

Every land clearance project will be different, but by working with Armtrac you will be putting safety first. We can offer you counter explosive ordnance solutions that are safe, effective and specifically designed to do the job they are built for.

Armtrac counter explosive ordnance products and equipment come with easy to source spare parts and replacement bolt-on tool kits that guarantee a long life of usage and value for money.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Armtrac for more information about our product range. We are here to help!