Unmanned Ground Vehicle Vs Manned Ground Vehicles

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Vs Manned Ground Vehicles

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is a vehicle that can be operated without humans having to be on board. The vehicle can only operate while in direct contact with the ground.

Manned Ground Vehicle
Manned ground vehicles (MGV) are vehicles that are require humans to drive them but have a hard-kill active protection system that is capable of defeating most threats.

What is the benefit of using unmanned and manned?
The most obvious benefit of using an unmanned ground vehicle is that it is sometimes considered safer due to the fact they do not need to have a human on board. However in the clearance role, it is not as easy to ensure that clearance lanes overlap because the operator is at some distance from the robot. Manned operations make this particular task simpler because the operator has a “Birds Eye View” of the clearance operation. Both manned and unmanned vehicles can be used in more dangerous areas where undetonated mines are present.

What UGVs do we have?
At Armtrac we supply a range of unmanned ground vehicles suitable for your demining needs. These include:

Armtrac 20T Robot - This UGV is flexible, cost effective and fully remote controlled. It can be fitted with different toolkits including a demining flail and rear excavator.

Armtrac 75T-230 – The A75T-230 can be configured as a UGV without a cabin or as an MGV with a cabin. Both options come with a remote control system which allows the vehicle to operate as a UGV without a human on board. The machine is tracked and has the ability to operate heavy engineering/construction toolkits with the telescopic boom arm which can lift 2.7 tons.

Armtrac 400 - The A400 is a larger and more powerful version of the A75T-230 but it can be configured in exactly the same way with or without a cabin. It too comes with a remote control system to allow the vehicle to operate as a UGV or MGV. In the same way as the A75T, its telescopic boom arm can operate heavy engineering and construction toolkits which can lift 4 tons
If you want to view our UGV’s or MGVs you can visit our website today https://armtrac.net/products/. You can also contact our team on 01638 743979 to discuss your demining needs and what unmanned ground vehicle is right for you.