Specialised Mechanical Demining Equipment

Specialised Mechanical Demining Equipment

Mechanical demining equipment and machines manufactured by Armtrac assists manual demining activities with Technical Survey and in challenging  areas and terrain particularly where full excavation techniques are required. These types of specialised equipment help in clearing the problematic areas of landmines and UXO.

There are various specialised demining machinery options available from Armtrac to help resolve the specific problems at hand. Let’s have a look at the best mechanical demining equipment that can help perform the tasks of demining more efficiently.

Top Five Mechanical Demining Equipments

Here are the best five mechanical demining vehicles and equipment we have to offer:

1.     Armtrac 20T Demining and C-IED Robot

This machine is cost-effective, flexible, and remote-controlled. You can add a range of toolkits to this equipment, including a rear robotic arm, tiller, or demining flail. There is also an option to mount a roller system on the front of the machine and a bucket, gripper or strimmer at the rear end on the robotic arm.

This machine has been used successfully in the Falkland Islands within the UK Mine Clearance Programme where full excavation techniques in difficult terrain were essential due to the low detectability of the minimum metal anti-personnel mines such as P4Bs, FMK1s and SB33s.Many Armtrac 20Ts have also been deployed to and used in Colombia, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

2.     ArmtracC-IED Roller

This C-IED equipment is designed to shield vehicles from the impact of victim-operated devices. It offers enhanced confidence during the process of proving routes for victim operated IEDs and mines. When you fit it onto an Armatrac 100-350 Mk2, you can use it up to 50 KPH although normally it is used at a reduced speed in route proving operations. Armtrac tracked vehicles can also be fitted with this roller system. It can also be used with MBTs or APCs, and with a self-weight version of a roller system. Armtrac can assist in providing auxiliary hydraulic systems on any vehicle not currently fitted with this capability.

3.     Armtrac Mine Comb

The digging action of this equipment makes it an innovative and unique technique for Anti-Tank mine extraction. It gently lifts and extracts buried objects from the ground and places them away from the vehicle’s path, making it easier for EOD Operators or qualified deminers to collect, contain, or detonate them safely.

4.     Armtrac 100-350 Mk 2

This vehicle is a heavily modified, cost-effective, and armoured to level 1 or 2 STANAG 4569  C-IED and/or demining machine. It has been designed and created around the JCB Fastrac 8000 tractor. The majority of its spare parts and components are easily available worldwide.

It is multi-purpose and can be operated as a Bomb Search & Detection vehicle and Route Proving and Clearance vehicle. This equipment comes with an armoured cabin that provides direct operations control to the operator but also has the option to be remote-controlled. The cabin is air-conditioned, quiet, and included with an adjustable air-sprung seat that has a four-point safety harness for safety and comfort.

5.     Strimmer

The Armtrac Strimmer has been designed to help with ground UXO clearance, particularly for heavily vegetated areas that are hard to reach and require cutting to detect or identify the threat. This machine, just like all other Armtrac machines, can withstand the blast effects of an explosion and it is ideal for fitting to longer-reach excavators to assist in operating over slope angles and challenging areas.

There is a wide range of mechanical demining equipment and machinery available to meet the needs and requirements of every demining project. Armtrac products assist manual deminers in clearing contaminated areas safely and efficiently. If you are unsure which one is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our expert team will guide you and ensure you make an informed decision.